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Top and favorite posts of 2016

I enjoyed blogging in 2016, there were very few times I really didn’t have a bunch of ideas built up. When I went on vacations, I scheduled blogs with memes, ecards or something not very timely. I published 4 or 5 times a week and had 233,591 different hits on my blogs with over 200,000 people... Read more »

Playing with my presents is a happy post holiday activity

I have found that playing with my presents is a happy post holiday activity. I know it makes me sound materialistic and shallow but I will only cop to the materialistic part. I am, after all, a quilter! My husband and I do stocking presents but he may have stretched the concept this year. Stocking... Read more »

My 12 sewing resolutions for 2016 results - how did I do?

Last year I had 12 goals portrayed in my sewing room. I even described them all in a photo gallery. Time to come clean and see the sewing resolutions for 2016 results, how did I do? 1. My first goal was to do something with the Alaskan fabric I had been sitting on. I resolved... Read more »

Christmas quilt is finished - it's a Christmas miracle

I did it, the Christmas quilt is finished. I bet Henry will be so excited or maybe he will think, “What took you so long, Grandma?”In my defense, I am finally feeling better now and that cold is what slowed me down. That and some procrastination along the way. The important thing is that this... Read more »

Last minute gift sewing the 2016 edition

It is December 22nd and I have not wrapped a single gift yet. Why, you ask? Because I haven’t finished sewing them. I could blame this on not feeling well, the stars or recognize that there is a certain pattern going on here. This is merely last minute gift sewing the 2016 edition. The main... Read more »

I found the Quilts in Hallmark Christmas movies

I am a recent convert to Hallmark Christmas movies and I published a post recently where I lamented the lack of quilters in said movies. I am still hoping Hallmark takes my advice and makes a quilter a central character. I don’t care if it’s a modern quilter, traditional quilter or art quilter! I just want... Read more »

10 DIY Easy gifts to make for young kids for the holidays

I really appreciate a handmade gift and try to have one for important events in my grandchildren’s lives. I am always looking for easy gifts to make for young kids for the holidays and suppose you are also. Here are some of the tutorials I have published and you might like to whip up this... Read more »

How to complete a top for a Christmas quilt

A few weeks ago I published a post on how to start a Christmas quilt. In my head I would then zip through it, publish a top post and then the whole quilt post. I was thinking a week, tops. Or 5 weeks, yikes! But here I am finally with a how to complete a top... Read more »

More Quilt songs for the Christmas season

I am nursing a cold, not a bad one, just enough to make me stick to a chair. Yes, I do stick to a chair a lot anyway, you’re right! At any rate, while lounging around I started imagining more quilt songs for the Christmas season. My husband plays carols quite a lot so it... Read more »

12 Great Gift ideas to buy Grandma from a Grandma

It is sometimes hard to know what to buy people. There are easy ways, for example, you can ask the person! Or they and everyone else in your family can set up a wish list on Amazon. If you are wondering what to get for your grandmother I can help. Here are some terrific gift ideas to... Read more »