My 12 sewing resolutions for 2016 results - how did I do?

Last year I had 12 goals portrayed in my sewing room. I even described them all in a photo gallery. Time to come clean and see the sewing resolutions for 2016 results, how did I do?

1. My first goal was to do something with the Alaskan fabric I had been sitting on.wild-re-2 I resolved to make a table runner and napkins. I am super glad I made this goal because I fulfilled it and I loved the way it turned out.

drunkards-path-rejected2. The next up was the Drunkards path challenge quilt. I not only wanted to make it but I also submitted it to be part of a display at the International Quilt Festival. I succeeded in finishing, but it was rejected by IQF.  I guess a win for completion!

3. My next project was easy, let’s organize those Barbies, in fact all the toys! I made a great Barbie bag for my house and my daughter’s t-bag-re-9house. They continue to work really well. Three goals done!

4. Some goals are more elusive. I had a pile of blue fabric on a chair from which I wanted to create a triangle quilt. I still do have that same pile and goal. One fail so far.

5. May in the 5th month and in it, I accomplished goal number five. I nala-re-3-marked-268x300had a panel with Nala and Simba and I wanted to create a quilt around that. I was thrilled that I did. I was even more thrilled that Zara loved it. Fourth win!

6. I have another chair in my sewing room piled with another group of fabrics. These fabrics all have a ocean theme and I wanted to make a quilt for Henry with an aquatic theme. But I never even took one off the chair. Two fails. 15697638_10154833468826565_7876536928477942130_n

7. My seventh goal was my final finish of 2016, a Christmas quilt for Henry. I was going to start it in June but November is pretty close? Close enough for the finish and win number five!

8. Next up was a flannel quilt for Emily. I had the fabric and I wanted a flannel quilt retired, I flannel-quilt-re-markedjust had to get the quilt done! I made one side traditional and one side modern. Here is the modern side and also, win number six.

9. My ninth goal was simple enough. I wanted to make some more fabric bags for gifts for this Christmas. I wanted to make at least three. I made zero. Third fail!

10. My daughter supplied goal number 9 and the excuse for why I didn’t accomplish it. She had given me a bag of clothing from Zara’s first year of life for a quilt. Midway through the year, she changed to two quilts and gave me another bag of baby clothes. It’s a mulligan, a draw or a do over, neither a win nor a

11. I had this cool Super Girl fabric and I wanted to create something nifty using it. So I did in this post. Zara isn’t as much a fan of yoga as I might have liked but she adores her bag to this day. Win seven!

12. My final goal was to master my iPod. I wanted to conquer all the ins and outs of iTunes so I could update my ec-remusic at will. And I failed completed. Darn it! Fourth fail!

Extra credit – Yes! Thank goodness for extra credit. I did not complete two quilts, bags and did not master my iPod.

However, I also made a donation quilt, two Halloween quilts, a baby quilt, a left over quilt plus a jungle quilt. Add to that table runners, Halloween and birthday sewing plus neighbor presents.  If I had 7 wins, 4 fails and 7 extra credit points then I think I did okay. I give myself A+ for the year.

Anyone want to come over and teach me to be the master of my iPod?

Sew happy!

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I published post on all of the above projects. Here are links to the baby quilt and green table runner.

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