Last minute gift sewing the 2016 edition

It is December 22nd and I have not wrapped a single gift yet. Why, you ask? Because I haven’t finished sewing them. I could blame this on not feeling well, the stars or recognize that there is a certain pattern going on here. This is merely last minute gift sewing the 2016 edition.

The main gift which is keeping me busy is Henry’s Christmas quilt. Last time I wrote, I had finished the top. I am proud to report that I finished the back and finished all the quilting.

Now I have to make the binding and sew it on the quilt. Worst case scenario is that Henry gets a quilt without binding. He’s a pretty forgiving chap, he’ll let it henryslide.

He figures it we forgive him for breaching the Christmas tree barricade, then he has to cut me some slack. He climbs on tables, tries to scale the stairs and is pretty much an adventurer. He needs to build up good will! Ha!

You can see the little scamp inside the barricade here. You can also get a glimpse of his sister outside the barricade. Let’s just say that some teamwork was involved.

bags1I am also working on neighbor gifts. I live in a 4 unit condo building and with the new neighbors downstairs, we all get along really well. They give presents to my grandchildren.

I am working on a set of bibs for the downstairs neighbor’s grandson. I have one finished, it’s a cutie. I made a Cubs bib and now I just want to make one more.bags3

I finished a set of zippered bags for my across the hall neighbor. We all help each other out, bringing in newspapers and garbage cans. I am lucky to live in such a nice micro community.

I also completed a set of bags for my other downstairs neighbor. All of these fabrics came from the same fat quarter set I bought about a year ago and promptly forgot why. I was thrilled to be able to use them.

I would also like to make zippered bags for Henry and Zara. Possibly some pillowcases for my daughter. And what about fabric bags to put gifts in?

On the other hand, there is something to be said for New Years presents.

Sew happy!

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I published a similar post in 2014. I am consistent!

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