How to design and sew your own Wonky Star Block

I really like star blocks, traditional and otherwise which came in handy lately. My daughter asked me to make her a cover for her new computer. I was happy she asked me to put a star on the front. I sent her some pictures of traditional and wonky stars and asked which she preferred. She chose a wonky star. I had no idea how to make one but I knew I could figure it out.

I googled wonky stars and bunches of tutorials appeared. I read about twenty of them so I could get a balanced idea. I like mixing it up and processing before I try to sew something new.

I’ve done the research and sewed one successfully. I am here to share my experience with you. Read and find out how to design and sew your own Wonky Star Block. This approach should work for any star, any size.



1.Choose your fabric and which star and size you would like to make wonky. I chose Star of Hope.2016-12-08-038

2. Cut out the pieces that won’t have the star points exactly as you would if it were a traditional star.

3. Cut out the star piece blocks an inch or two bigger. Then cut then along the diagonal. See if you like the general look.


4. Take a background piece block and fold down a seam and see generally how you want the first point to look. Flip it back so the right sides are together. 2016-12-08-040

5. Sew along the fold line and cut away the extra fabric along that seam line.  Press open.

6. Ta da, you are half way done with your first wonky points.


7. Now repeat these steps with the other points. The idea is to have wonky points so you don’t have to worry that it lines up exactly in2016-12-08-042 any certain way.

8. Clip off the fabric that extends beyond your quarter inch seam.

9. Press open and using one of your plain blocks, trim to be the same size. You’ll be wasting fabric, that’s OKAY. That extra allowed you to play.


10. When it is pressed and trimmed put it with its friends. Only 3 more star points to go. 2016-12-08-045

11. Repeat steps 4 through 9 until you have four Wonky star points.

12. Before you sew, take a look. If you don’t like it, start over. If there is one set of points that bother you, redo that part.

13. Sew pieces together in either three vertical or horizontal strips.


14. Flip it over so you can see how the seams will butt up. 2016-12-08-047Press them in opposite directions.

15. Flip back over and sew strips into one block. Make sure your seams are lining up.

16. Sew strips together and press the block.

17. See, making a wonky block is easy and fun.


18. If you are making a quilt, make a bunch more. If you are making a computer case for your daughter, you’re done with the stars.

You can use this method for any size wonky star of any traditional block. Just remember to cut the squares for the points bigger before you cut them on the diagonal.

You can make the middle block bigger, different colors, match the points or match the background.  The possibilities are endless.

I read so many tutorials that were for one size or one type of wonky star. I wanted a versatile technique that would let me wonky as I wanted.

Now I’m off to design a computer case but first I will do the research.

Sew happy!

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