Hallmark Christmas Movies need to include Quilters

I am a recent convert to Hallmark Christmas movies, much to the delight of my husband, aka, Elf. I no longer mock them from the sewing loft, I sit and watch them. (While doing hand sewing, natch.) I am comforted by the happy endings and I pretty much know how it will all turn out a couple of minutes in.

These movies have city gals who go to the country. They have business women who decide to live on a mountain and country gals who fall in love with city slickers. There are anchorwomen, bakers, detectives, journalists and nurses.

But you know what is missing? Our favorite people, quilters. There is nary a quilter in any of the movies I have seen.

So I am taking a stand. Hallmark Christmas movies need to include Quilters. I am willing to supply the basic idea as well as the titles. Take a look and see what other scenarios involving quilters are missing.

Sew happy!

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