12 Great Gift ideas to buy Grandma from a Grandma

It is sometimes hard to know what to buy people. There are easy ways, for example, you can ask the person! Or they and everyone else in your family can set up a wish list on Amazon. If you are wondering what to get for your grandmother I can help. Here are some terrific gift ideas to buy Grandma from a Grandma, me!

One caveat, what is true for me might not be true for the Grandmother for whom you are buying. Try to find out more about her, her hobbies and interests. This general list may give you good ideas you can use to leap to another thought. mv5bmjexmde2otixm15bml5banbnxkftztgwmdy5nzaynje-_v1_uy1200_cr9206301200_al_

I have another thought to communicate. I am 63, smack dab in the middle of the Boomer generation. I use a smart phone and love the computer but I still like paper and snail mail for special cards. I do my banking online but I like my magazines in hand. I am cool with Instagram but hopeless with Snapchat. Figure out where your gift recipient falls in the tech realm when considering gifts.

Also, your grandma probably doesn’t need anything that clutters up a table or needs to be displayed on a wall. Lots of my friends are trying to downsize and have decades of knicknacks, etc.

1.I still send cards by mail. I think books of beautiful stamps would be fabulous especially if combined with a nice pen and some greeting cards. You could have stamps sent directly from USPS. For cards, Ten Thousand Villages has unique ones that support a good cause. Emily McDowell has some of my favorite cards on the planet. There are always cool cards on Etsy or in museum gift shops.

2. I am retired and on a fixed income. I gave up most of my magazine subscriptions. You could buy a selection and have your Grandmother pick the one she wants to get on the regular. Or a Netflix subscription might be more up your Grandma’s alley.

il_fullxfull-901184505_2ccz3. On my Christmas list this year are new hotpads. Mine are disgusting! I threw some dishtowels on that list as well. I wonder the last time your Grandmother freshened hers?

4. Tickets are expensive and such a treat. Even better is to accompany your Grandmother if you know she doesn’t have a dependable companion. Plays? Ballet? Concerts? There are many possibilities.

5. Memberships to museums are lovely to receive if your grandmother likes the facility. Also consider if she could get there on a regular basis. Don’t overlook parks, smaller facilities or community theatres, etc.

6. I love pedicures and manicure but they are an indulgence. Is there a beauty treatment that your Grandmother loves but can’t afford all the time? Massage? Facial? Beauty salon? Again, make sure it is near enough or provide transportation as well.

7. I adore pictures of my grandchildren but I know my dad was a bit baffled when he received them. Maybe have family photos digitalized and put into a photo book? Think about what your grandmother would prefer. Maybe a great frame with new pics every 6 months?only-the-best-moms-promoted-mug-grandma-gifts-mothers-day-gift-guide-2015_zpsuvmcofa8

8. I personally hate food gifts. If it’s caloric then I hate having it so available. Other grandmas might like it. I love tea and gift cards for coffee but I have more than enough mugs! I also really enjoy eating out so those gift cards are great. If you give food you think they LOVE they might not anymore. Tastes and restrictions change.

9. I am not a perfume user nor scent lover. I pass on all bubble baths, oils and powders. I don’t like scented anything. No thanks on essential oils. I sneeze and get headaches. Before you get anything scented, make sure you know that the recipient will like it. However, my dad used to give us performance reviews on gifts and sometimes handed them back to us. Ha ha, funny now but not the reaction you might want.

10. Tech help is almost always welcome. When I first got into digital photography I hired the Geek squad to come and teach it all to me. Your grandmother might like tech help or lessons of some sort. Or your gift might be YOU spending time together and teaching her something.

11. Does grandma live in a condo or a house? What are her needs there? A cleaning service? Help with snow or lawn? This can be one time or ongoing. Maybe an organizing service. There are all kinds of help out there. For example, I have my groceries delivered by Peapod and it helps us tremendously.

12. Is your Grandmother still traveling? Would she like a airline gift certificate? Cool luggage tags or new luggage? A purse made for traveling from Baggallini? Or a gift certificate from Travelsmith? Is she not traveling or getting out enough because of worrying about using the bathroom or leaks? The panties from Icon will change her life but they are very pricey. (They are totally worth it, trust me, I am a customer.)

If you have read this far, you must really like your Grandma! (Or she’s super hard to buy for!) Maybe she really likes you and would like nothing more than just spending time with you!

only-cash-surveysIf none of this made you think of something then write her a letter. Tell her how much you love her and how much she means to you. Include a picture of the two of you if you have it.

If you just can’t think of anything, send me a gift certificate to a quilting store and your grandma’s address. I will use it with pleasure and write your grandmother and tell her you were really nice to a proxy grandma. No? Bad idea?

Then call it a day and send her some cash.

Sew happy!

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