10 DIY Easy gifts to make for young kids for the holidays

I really appreciate a handmade gift and try to have one for important events in my grandchildren’s lives. I am always looking for easy gifts to make for young kids for the holidays and suppose you are also. Here are some of the tutorials I have published and you might like to whip up this year.


1.I love these pretend fabric tea bags and so does my granddaughter. Once she was about 3 she was quite the expert at tea parties and was ready for an upgrade. These are fun to make and add panache to any pretend party. Check it out right here.

2. Young girls can always use another cute skirt. I have made this one in two different versions for my granddaughter. fall-toddler-skirt-re-16If you have the waist measurement and how long you want it, you can make it. Don’t believe me? Check out the tutorial with a click.

3. Most young children love to pretend to cook or pretend to help. With an apron 20140704_194632it makes the pretending much more real. I made this one for my granddaughter two years ago and will soon make one for my grandson. Take a look how I made hers. I may
also so I have a handmade gift under the tree!

4. I riffed a bit on my own skirt tutorial to create a costume for Zara. I used all black satin and only one layer to create the skirt for her Emma from the Wiggles costume. She loved it and still puts it on for dress ups to this day.wiggles-re-111-300x214Read and see if you should sew one as well.

5. Holidays include birthdays, yes? My grandson had his first birthday with a Monsters theme. I got lots of fabric and made Zara a skirt, you can see how differently it looks in different fabrics. I also used the fabrics for Henry and all the leftover fabric was used to make decorations and line food baskets.


I think you should take a look at this post and then imagine all the other things you could make for a party without even sewing, just cutting and tying. My daughter made a tie banner and wreath!

6. Children have lots of toys and they have baskets and chests to put them all in. Those big receptacles can be a t-bag-re-9chaotic mess unless the toys are grouped together and easy to find. I made a bunch of zippered bags for my house and my daughter’s. It has really made the toy situation much less messy. When you give a
toy, make a bag to keep it in. Read how in this post. 

mermaid-cropped-resized-and-marked7. Panel quilts are fun and easy to make. You can add a little pizzazz to it with a bit more work. You could start now and easily have it finished by Valentine’s day. This post is the last in the series on how to make a Mermaid quilt starting with a panel. Peruse it and see what you think.

8. Kids love costumes and sometimes a cape is all they need. I have made capes with satin that are not as fun as this easy tutorial. I took an old tee shirt of my husbands and only because I added the Z did it take longer than cape-re-10ten minutes. Click on this link and then make one yourself.

9. Speaking of costumes, how about one from the popular show Shimmer and Shine? I think you could skip the blouse and maybe even just make the vest. The main fun of dressing up is the imagination of the child!

Here’s the final post in a 3 post series about this costume. This post has links to the sc-re-10other tutorials as well. If you know a child who would like it, read and check out how I made it.

10. My final idea is one I just made this month. I was looking for something fun and quick to give as a gift to Z’s classmates. Once I found tooth fabric,2016-11-06-010-2 I knew I had the idea to go with it.

All kids lose teeth, yes? And many of them then get a bit of money in exchange. The person forking over the money or the small gift needs to store the tooth in the meantime and find it easily. This pillow solves the problem and sews up in a jiffy. Read the directions on how to make one!

I hope those help. I’ll keep working on ideas and projects as my grandchildren grow up. Who knows what I will make and share.

I better start thinking ahead to gift ideas for teens, yes? Easy, money!

Sew happy!

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I published a similar post back in 2014. Some terrific ideas in that post as well.

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