Quilts and quilters through the eyes of a 3 year old

One of my granddaughter’s first words was quilt which made me very proud and happy. She can hardly stand to not have a quilt around her and sleeps with five or six on her bed. She has her own table in my sewing room and plays around with fabric. I figured she must know a lot about quilting and that it would be fun to ask her how much she knows each year before she turns a new age. Here you have quilts and quilters through the eyes of a 3 year old.

When I told her that I wanted to ask her questions about quilts she insisted on drawing pictures first. They are included!

1.What is a quilt? A picture with thread.quilt002

2. Do you like quilts? Yes….

3. Why do you like them? Because I love them.

quilt0014. Who makes quilts? YOU!

5. Who else makes quilts? Grandmas.

6. All grandmas? Yes, all.

7. What is your favorite quilt? My mermaid quilt.166585_10205447182835266_5865114899058972748_n

8. How many quilts do you have? 8 quilts.

9. How many more do you want? Not a mountain of quilts, just one at a time.

10. What kind of quilt do you want next? Ballet

11. What do you need to make a quilt? Threadquilt003

12. Where are quilts made? Inside, in a sewing room.

13.How long does it take to make a quilt? 5 seconds.

14. How do you make a quilt? (Silence)

15. What do you need to make a quilt? Thread (interview is over as subject runs off, obviously bored.)

Sew happy!

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Want a better look at that Mermaid quilt? Check it out here. 

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