8 reasons why Quilters make the best guests

Over my life time I have had many guests of my own and of other family members. Some guests are funny, some are messy and some get invited back. But Quilters make the best guests of all and I will tell you why.

1.Arrival – I know many polite guests who arrive with food, candy or wine. Quilters bring their latest project for you to drool over. They even let you touch it.

2. Conversation – Have you ever had a dry spot in the talking portion of being a hostess? That moment when you scramble i-love-quilts-reto remember if they are bikers or birders? This never happens with quilters, there is never enough time to talk.

3. Food – I have had guests with definite and changing food preferences. I have prepared meals that avoid meat, salt, dairy and calories. But oh boy, quilters seem to like to eat just about anything and either are wine, coffee or cup-holder-re-19chocolate aficionados.

4. Clean up – Most guests will offer to help with dishes or general clean up. Quilters have worked as a group on so many projects that they just pitch in. Suddenly it’s all done and you can sew or talk, preferably both.dishes

5. House tours – First time guests are usually curious to see your place. They murmur compliments of varying degrees of appreciation. Quilters demand to see where you work and love it after they have gone wild over all your quilts.

6. What to do besides eat – Some guest come for a sporting event on TV. Others are there for book club, card games or other activity you bwrez5organize. Quilters sew, done!

7. Overnight guests – There is a fair amount of preparation for an overnight guest what with sheets, towels and breakfast to consider. Some are better than others at making up the bed the next morning. Quilters always make the bed so they can see that wonderful quilt displayed in all its glory.

8. Follow up – It is always wonderful to receive a thank you in person and even better in a note. I have had quilters take it4th-re-7 way beyond that. They send fabric you talked about, a pattern you had mentioned or an item they make for you.

Have you found the same to be true, quilters are the best guest? What? You’ve never had a quilter in your home?

Invite me! I am a quilter and I can be your guest! And I will be the best guest ever.

1305766022734Just don’t get mad if I finish off the chocolate.

Sew happy!

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