10 Creative New gift ideas for Quilters and Sewers

If you are looking for new gift ideas for Quilters and Sewers then you have come to the right blog post. Some gift recipients have been sewing and quilting for years, even decades. They have lots of tools, scissors, thread, etc.  They need creative new gift ideas for Quilters, cool stuff that they don’t already have.

 1.Singer Featherweights

If you are buying for a person who has a Featherweight, check out this cute idea. Only 4.95 for a darling spool doily. I’ll take one!spool_pin_doily_-_maize_leaf_2_large

I also like this cunning Featherweight stamp. Why? Just because. How can you lose for 6.95! This site has practical items as well if you know what your person needs/wants.

If the Featherweight in question is a bit shabby, have it fixed up and repainted. Desk Dave’s does a fantastic job. Check out his fabulous site. 

2. Leggings

leggingsI am a relatively new convert to leggings and what completely sold me were the Sewing Machine leggings made by Lularoe. Those leggings are a “unicorn” – really hard to find. But so many of their soft leggings have quilty designs. I am a fool for them. If you are on Facebook you can find multiple sites which sell them. The business model is like Tupperware (home parties) meets the internet. Most of it is sold on Facebook or Ebay.

3. Wall art for Sewing Rooms

I just saw these and thought they were great. wall-mosaicThey are even on clearance on this point. I hope they are still there when you are reading this. Click on the link and hope for the best.

4. Lighting and more lighting
411s0tteelA reader told me about this fabulous light pack. There are enough of the lights for two sewing machines. It is the best extra lighting I have purchased and I have bought quite a few.

I even wrote a post on this set, read it here if you are curious.

5. Socks are sew fun

I don’t think you can wear the socks with the leggings but they are pretty darn cute. socksThey come in black or white. Check out Amazon if you want to order a pair. Or two!

6. Bake Quilt Christmas Cookies

3601wpcqlI don’t personally bake Christmas cookies any more. But if someone were to make me cookies with Christmas quilts on them I would be thrilled.

Or maybe your quilter is a baker? There are other quilty themed baking items available as well. Check it out here.

7. A personalized stamp

My daughter got me a personalized stamp with my address on it and I adore it. You can have quilter written on it as well or make them for a specific holiday. Check out these or google it, there are many companies.

8. Decorative postage stamps

As long as the return address is adorned, why not a quilt stamp. Over the years they have issued some fabulous ones. classic_basket_quilt_stamp-r0a50fb5c7d714ce5984edb314b582698_6b72g_8byvr_512Now you can make your own at Zazzles. Ever done it? We did for my daughter’s wedding. Check out the fun right here.

9. Quilt themed Greeting cards

quilting_chick_greeting_cardYou can find oodles of them at Cafe Press. You can send them to your quilter or give a set of stamp, postage stamps and greeting cards to your quilter.

10. How about cash

A quilter in my guild told us about her favorite quilt present of all time. Her family made her a special jar and labeled it bankas her quilting money. They all put cash in it and they replenish it as Mother’s day and her birthday come along. That way she always has money set aside for a workshop, tool or special quilting event.

This could be a great way to save up for a new machine also. Her fabric money does not have to come out of this fund, btw.

You can make a jar yourself or order one on Etsy. Here is a site that makes some cool ones with choice of colors, etc.

It is sure fun to buy for friends and loved ones. If your gift shows love and thought, it is even more meaningful.

Sew happy!

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