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It was hard for me to learn that people lie

Tonight is our monthly blogapalooza and the challenge topic is: “Write about something you believed as a child or in your youth that turned out not to be true.” I believed a number of typical childhood myths from Santa Claus on down, nothing unusual or heartbreaking to be disproven.  Those stories were easy, it was... Read more »

Binge watching Gilmore Girls while sewing Tooth Fairy pillows

Thanksgiving weekend is one of eating, seeing family, eating leftovers and decorating for Christmas in our Family. This year however, I added a new wrinkle to the mixture. Years ago our whole family used to watch Gilmore Girls and Netflix dropped 4 new reunion episodes on Friday morning. Inbetween the leftovers and decorating I was... Read more »

9 Festive Facts about Holiday colors

When I sew for Christmas, wrap gifts or plan outfits for December parties I inevitably think of red and green. I like both those colors and sewing with Christmas fabrics used to be easier for matching. Lately I feel that every year they add in teal or change the shades and it’s harder to mix... Read more »

Two Easy Recipes that are good with or without leftover turkey

As you know, I am not fond of cooking. I do it and when I want to, I am a good cook. Most of the time I would rather sew. My family has always insisted on eating and I can’t afford to eat out consistently so I do cook. I cooked a huge meal yesterday... Read more »

Have a good time on Thanksgiving or good stories

Thanksgiving is tomorrow which may or may not bring joy to your heart. I understand if it does not and I also comprehend if it does. I have had all kinds of different Thanksgiving experiences. My motto is that you either have a good time on Thanksgiving or good stories. Let’s go over some of... Read more »

I am going to write fake Quilt news stories and get rich

I have a new plan. I am going to write fake Quilt news stories and get rich. Easy money, no research needed! You think I am making this up? You are very smart, I am probably not going to just write stuff that is fake. But I read an article in the Washington Post that... Read more »

Quilts and quilters through the eyes of a 3 year old

One of my granddaughter’s first words was quilt which made me very proud and happy. She can hardly stand to not have a quilt around her and sleeps with five or six on her bed. She has her own table in my sewing room and plays around with fabric. I figured she must know a... Read more »

8 reasons why Quilters make the best guests

Over my life time I have had many guests of my own and of other family members. Some guests are funny, some are messy and some get invited back. But Quilters make the best guests of all and I will tell you why. 1.Arrival – I know many polite guests who arrive with food, candy... Read more »

The Biden Memes redone for Quilters

No needles, get it? Sewing humor!
Humor is an integral part of our society. It lets us relax, process and deal with change. Right now we have a change in the White House and the peaceful transition of power for which our democracy is famous. This has resulted in a surge of Joe Biden memes on the internet. I hope you’ve... Read more »

11 Black and White quilts plus one color at Quilt Expo

I was not aware of this challenge so I really liked the explanation on the sign.
When I was in high school, I had a black and white bedroom. I made a black bedspread with white polka dots and I had super cool posters on the wall. It was the first time I had my own room and I was nuts about it. My oldest daughter then requested a black and... Read more »
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