The Mature Wonder Woman Costume

It’s Halloween and I don’t think I have dressed up in 4 decades. As a kid we had makeshift costumes so I made my girls some pretty darn good costumes. The fun continues with my grandchildren but this year, there was a twist. Zara looked at a package we had on the table and announced that Papa should be Mr. Clean, no more discussion.

14671297_10207441448810669_2684386408296980767_nNot to be left out, I added that I would be Wonder Woman. Zara scoffed at the idea, claiming that Wonder Woman did NOT wear glasses. I decided I could and would create the Mature Wonder Woman Costume, after all, she should be allowed to age!

I thought that WW, the mature edition, would also want to be comfortable. My current clothing crush is LulaRoe and I had a red shirt. I looked around on Ebay and found some star leggings left from the 4th of July. Comfort indeed!ww-re-3

I ordered a crown and cuffs from Amazon and was pretty darn happy. Z again gave me a negative review. Where is your lasso and cape?

Back to Ebay where I ordered red satin and blue with white star fabrics. I also got a WW decal and gold cord and even though the blue star fabric has yet to arrive, I knew I could make it ww-re-4work.

My daughter was already set with her own Cat Burglar costume with LulaRoe and her husband came up with the idea of being Ace
Ventura. Henry had Z’s duck costume so we were set.

I thought we were going to debut our ensembles on Halloween but suddenly, we were wearing them to the town parade. It was fun to be in the spirit. But there was one tiny problem.

I hadn’t made the cape yet. Or the lasso. Oopsie!ww-re-0

I managed to locate an old Snow White costume I had used about 30 years ago. It had a cape! I could make it work!

And I did, I just made it a bit longer and wider.

ww-re-1After cutting it out, I pressed the WW decal on the back. Then I held it in place with a zig zag.

I did the facing which turns into the clasp for the cape. The rest of the cape I pressed over twice, ww-re-2secured it with Clover clips and sewed it down. When the blue star fabric arrives, I can line it then if I want. If being the key word.

The gold cord that I ordered was sewn onto a loose weaved tape of some sort. I took it off with my seam ripper ww-re-5and tied it in a loose circle.

I tried it on and had my husband take a picture. Another oops, I forgot to tuck the facing in. But you get the idea.

I will be dressed in my complete ensemble as we accompany Zara and Henry on some limited trick or treating. I’ve got it all, although I do still wear glasses. I am hoping that this time, my costume will pass muster.

Maybe she will even share some candy with me!zara-and-grandma

Sew happy!

Update! We trick or treated with Zara and she loved my cape, success! I even scored quite a bit of candy! 

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