Sewing saves me money even when I buy brand new clothing

I used to sew all my clothing in high school. I no longer do, but sewing still helps me with my wardrobe. I never pay tailoring costs for a hem change, for example. But this is not all.  I have discovered that sewing saves me money even when I buy brand new clothing.

I am currently having a love affair/obsession with LulaRoe clothing. My daughter’s friend sells it and I also buy it on Facebook. I have found pieces on Ebay as well.

LulaRoe is not sold in stores so there are not sales nor coupons. This goes against my love of a bargain. But I have found that since I sew, I can save good money on brand new items.


The first time this happened was when I was looking for a pair of leggings with birds on them for book club. Plus, I wanted them in Halloween colors. I found a pair but noticed a description with them.

The leggings were described as having a flaw in the waistband. Because of this, the price was reduced by a third. Part of the waistband had not caught when it was being sewn down.

It was not on the seam and I knew the repair could be seen. But I don’t wear my leggings with the waistband visible. I bought them and repaired them.rep-re-2

I was very happy to wear them to book club and I can’t wait to wear them again.  When I was at my daughter’s friend’s house to shop for more LulaRoe, a shirt I tried on had a hole but it was in the seam. I knew I could fix it.

rep-re-3She immediately offered me a considerable discount and showed me another one in my size with a hole. Again, it was in the seam. I bought them both.

Tonight I used the blanket stitch to repair the holes. I do not have a sergerrep-re-4 but this stitch worked fine.  To repair both shirts it took me about 15 minutes.

Throw in the leggings and it was less than a half an hour. And I saved 30 dollars. That comes out to 60.00 an hour, much more than any other sewing gig has ever paid me.


Here are both shirts. The hole in the side and the hole on the sleeve, both gone. From the outside you cannot tell they have been fixed and only barely on the inside.

The leggings has an intact waistband with a visible repair. But I wear my leggings with tunics or dresses so no problem. Cool, yes?

I love LulaRoe tops, dresses and leggings. They fit me well and are super comfortable. The bad thing is that I am pretty addicted to them and buy too many of them.

Obviously I need to find more with small repairs needed!

Sew happy!

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