DIY Shimmer Costume finished with some sewing and some purchases

I made a Shimmer costume for my granddaughter from the Shimmer and Shine cartoon. Don’t feel bad, if I didn’t have a 3 year old granddaughter I would have never heard of it either. I wrote about getting the patterns here and finishing the vest in this post. In my opinion, the vest is the most important and easiest to make. I was able to get the Shimmer costume finished with some sewing and some purchases. Let me show how I got it all together.


The pants are the next most important part and easy to make. My pattern was a 5/6 so I shortened them in the body of the pants and in the overall width. I cut one out of knit and one out of a super sparkly fabric that was slippery and hard to

I thought it would also be itchy on Z that is the reason I made two pairs of pants. They were easy, the tricky part is putting them together. I decided to try and avoid having the top fabric be in contact with the inside so I first just slid the knit pants inside the fancy ones and zigzagged the top and bottom together.


Although the pattern did not call for it, I cut a 3 inch piece of knit for the waist and both legs. I did the same with knit interfacing. I only had knit or super heavy on hand so knit it was! sc-re-6

I pressed the interfacing onto the knit on all 3 pieces. I then cut them to match the size of the pants top and bottom. I sewed them on.


I ironed and folded them over and sewed them securely in place leaving a gap for the elastic. I used a pin to wiggle all three pieces through the knit pieces, sewed them together and sewed the gap

The pants were a bit tedious to make because of the slick outside fabric. However, seeing them all finished was a thrill. I was very pleased with them.

For the blouse or shirt, I think you could just buy one. I did make one with the same fabric I used to line the vest. I sewed the back to the front and used bias tape to finish all the raw seams before adding the sleeves. I finished the seam edges with bias tape as well.


Here are all 3 pieces. Zara already has purple shoes because Grandma may be a crazy fool who bought them for her. But what if it is cold?sc-re-10

On Amazon I found the magical cuffs that Shimmer and Shine use to grant their 3 wishes every day. I also got a t-shirt she can wear if she want instead of the blouse. And for the cold?

I found a Shimmer hoodie on Amazon as well. And then to be overly cautious I also purchased organic cotton purple long underwear. This should be enough layers!

I gave her the box of goodies tonight and one with Curious George items for her brother. She adored the costume and put it on. Her favorite accessories were the magical cuffs and the sweatshirt she wanted to sleep in.

I just wish she could use those cuffs to grant me more time to sew!

Sew happy!

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