9 giveaways you were raised by a quilter

I raised my girls with certain goals in mind. I only wanted straight A’s, immaculate rooms, impeccable behavior and the ability to enjoy a cup of tea with their Mother. I succeeded wildly with the tea drinking and even went on to include coffee. What can I say, I’m an overachiever. Now that we are all older we can laugh about certain events in their childhood and they’ve agreed to forgive me someday. Ha!

As a result of the memories and the joking I do try to see things from their point of view. Some of their teasing does make sense. Now.

I was thinking about this and realized that they were raised by a quilter. It shapes your childhood in a certain way. And there are experiences that other quilter offspring must understand.

I came up with this list of 9 giveaways you were raised by a quilter. I wonder if you can identify with some of them. Or if you inflicted them on your own children!

1. You never got to have a bedspread, instead there were multiple quilts on your bed. So uncool.


2. Your linen closet has a shelf of holiday themed handmade pillowcases. And this is after you’re married.


3. Every birthday and holiday was a homemade dress, never the character clothes from Target like the cool kids.


4. Every single Christmas decoration was homemade. No Mickey Mouse glitter stocking for you. Or your children.


5. Two words: cloth napkins. (Can’t we just throw something away?)


6. Overkill. When you had to bring in a nap rug with your name on it, your mother went way overboard.


7. Your Halloween costume was always homemade. Always. You fit right in with your friends.


8. Wearing matching clothing with your Mother.

The scars will someday heal.


9. And finally, threads. Everywhere. They were even on freshly washed clothes.

A childhood constant.


I am back now from channeling my children. I know that they loved growing up in a house that doubled as a sewing workshop. And obviously, I am exaggerating the trials and tribulations they suffered.  Those pins they stepped on just built character, yes?

Plus where else can you get your pants hemmed for free?

Sew happy!

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