Will buying their fabric jinx the Cubs winning the World Series?

Chicago has two baseball teams and the one I prefer has not won a World Series since 1908. My parents were not big baseball fans so games were not a tradition for me. Once I started teaching at Rich East HS, I had a French club and to encourage membership we took all kinds of trips. One of the popular events was going to a Cubs game in a school bus. The rabid enthusiasm of my students rubbed off on me and I became a Cubs fan as well. (I’ve forgiven those kids for handing me a lifetime of heartache.)

Many Cub fans, myself included, can spout off a litany of disappointments that the Cubs have provided. I try to keep my hopes realistic but I’ve been carried away only to end up sad. I don’t want to feel this way again nor cause it for anyone else.

However, the Cubs have been improving a lot and this year are really really good. My love for the Cubs is obviously known by the internet and I’ve gotten ads for Cubs fabric. Uh oh, will buying their fabric jinx the cubs-re-1Cubs winning the World Series?

Seriously, I don’t need that kind of guilt or bad karma. I will admit that last year I bought 10 yards of Cubs fabric. Yes, I did and yes, I know they didn’t win last year cub-aprons-reeither.

Here’s the thing, I bought it because previously it had been really hard to buy and freaky expensive. My brother in law bought me 4 yards on Ebay and it cost him a small fortune. I made aprons for him and my husband.

Plus, isn’t this a bit of magical thinking? I mean think of all the years I DIDN’T buy fabric. They didn’t win those years either.

But just to play it safe, I didn’t wash it and I prewash everything. It stayed in the laundry area, biding its time. Waiting until cub-fabrics-renext year.

Next year is this year and there is a new Cubs fabric in town. A variety of fan fabric is available. Who am I to not avail myself of possibly a once in a lifetime opportunity?

I bought a couple of yards as I have ten of the first one for the back. Two yards is not too bad. However, you can’t make a quilt, say a World Series quilt, of just two fabrics. They are too similar for one thing.cubs-re-4

Let’s say I got carried away when buying the new fabric and bought some more fabrics. You know, that go with the theme. That you could use to make a quilt. Companion fabrics don’t jinx, certainly?

I know, I am counting my fabrics before they hatch or something like that. But I can’t help it. I have to be prepared!

cubs-re-5I am not at all over the edge right now. OK, fine, maybe I am. Because you know what else I got? A new Cubs shirt and matching leggings.

If I don’t make that quilt this year…well, I just will. Win or lose I will make a Cubs quilt.

The only difference will be if I am crying as I make it.

Sew happy!

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