Tula Pink is a quilting rock star and a really nice person or how I became a fangirl

On Sunday I went to my favorite quilt store, Thimbles, and got to see Tula Pink. I have read about her, bought a bit of her fabric. I didn’t have a wild crush on her like so many quilters that I knew. But since she was going to be so close and there would be fabric plus treats, I was in. (Yes, cupcakes, pink ones, and I forgot to get a picture!)

tp re 2When we first arrived we checked in and were given a cookie. I was already happy I had come. And at the end I had decided that Tula Pink is a quilting rock star and a really nice person. Yes, I am a fangirl now!

The next thing I saw was this gorgeous photo spot. I never did get a selfie of myself there but I sure loved seeing her quilt. Then I saw the spread of pink goodies. Plus, my favorite seat was available, last row on the middle aisle.

tp re 0

This is all before Tula began to speak. She was a fabulous speaker, so down to earth and so darn funny. She had the perfect delivery, waited just the right amount of time before delivering the surprise or turned the expected answer around.

Her life story is fascinating, don’t you love knowing about how someone arrived where they are? She had amusing anecdotes about life in LA, California and working as the head of a design department.

Her art background and secret quilter after work life were so interesting to learn about. I loved hearing that she is a first generation quilter, didn’t learn from her grandmother. I am the same way and in some ways, it’s freeing – no one to have to measure up to!

Her immediate success at getting designs accepted at Moda as well as why she moved to Free Spirit had me mesmerized. Plus, the way she became a Bernina ambassador was a lesson in going for what you want.

There were two little girls dressed in outfits using Tula Pink fabric in the audience. She was super sweet to them and had them come up. What Cuteness!tp re 3

She had gorgeous quilts to show us and of which I took pictures. However, she made us swear to not put them on the internet until her book comes out in tp re 4October. I can show this quilt as it isn’t in her book or even her design.

I signed up to get a copy of her book so when I do a post about it, I’ll show my pictures then. I promised Tula and remember I am a fangirl now.

And what do fangirls do? They get their pictures taken with the object of their fandom so of course I did as well. I was annoyed with myself for not bringing my book for her to sign, oh well, I’ll just have to see her again!

Tula was so patient, she signed and spoke to everyone. I hung around waiting for the line to whittle down. I was one of the last to talk with her and she was fresh and enthusiastic.

I loved standing next to someone as tall as I am for a picture!tp re 5 I even told her so, I liked not feeling like a giant! She liked my shirt! It was a moment of bliss.

I loved all her Slow and Steady line but I only bought the blue ones. I am a nut for blue. We all received a copy of her Butterfly quilt pattern. Wow!

tp re 7I would have bought more but you know how quilters are. They buy everything in sight! And they are surprisingly quick. Sly!

I guess I will just have to return to Thimbles when they get more in!

Now that makes me Sew happy!

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I published a post about Angela Walters last year and the new book I ordered is by both Tula and her. Dream team! Read that post here.

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