Tongue in cheek Quilter to do lists

I write lists all the time on all kinds of pads. Many of them are to do lists and another quilter remarked that she should have her lists printed off as the same items often appeared. Eureka! A small business idea or blog post? I decided to go with a blog post about Quilter to do lists that I might have printed up.

1. First one up – a potentially naughty one

to do re 2

2. Handy list for sewing days

to do re 1

3. How about this one for a great day?

to do re 4

4. A list to change your life

to do re 3

5.  A list with options

to do re 5

6. Let’s simplify it

to do re 6

7. Here’s the ultimate in simplified to do lists

to do re 7


Now I just have to decide which one to print off. I guess I could change day by day and try each.

I am starting with number seven.

Sew happy!

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