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Quilting and sewing in the news - articles that are fun to read

I like to know what is going on in the world, I do. But I can’t say it generally puts me in a good mood. There are so many controversies, disasters and sad things that happen in this world. I like to balance it by finding quilting and sewing in the news. I am here... Read more »

Quilting is music to my ears - The sounds in my sewing studio

I sew and quilt by myself and often when no one else is home. I usually don’t play music, podcasts or television. Yet my personal creative space is not at all quiet, I’ve even written about it before. Quilting is music to my years and is played on the instruments which create the sounds in... Read more »

A Turkish coup attempt, a cleric and my daughter - A mother's fear of events far from home

When your child lives halfway around the world communication is less than ideal. There is the 11 hour time difference and her shaky wifi connection. When she was home we got to talk much more in depth and about everything from pedicures to politics. In the course of these conversations I discovered what the recent... Read more »

Hard Truths for Quilters from Baby Animals

Squirming because it's true.
I am a fool for reading goofy things on the internet. Today I happened upon a post of Hard Truths from Baby Animals. It made me smile and even guffaw a few times. I thought that maybe we could get those cuties to help us out. I searched Public Domain baby animal pictures and chose... Read more »

Post Labor Day yearning for Fall

This past weekend was once again Fall Fest in Frankfort. We welcome one and all to our condo for parking, friendship and food. I bought tons of snacks, cooked (yes, me!) and did some shopping. I didn’t get a bit of sewing done but I got lots of time with family. As the weekend went... Read more »

My favorite folks are quilters

I like people, being around them, talking to them and eating with them. I like being alone as well but I think it’s more fun to see a movie with another person so you can exchange a thumbs up or down. I like going to plays with others so we can discuss the meanings and... Read more »

12 basic Facts about Rick Rack

I have a drawer full of trims that I bought decades ago at the Wright factory outlet store. I also inherited my Mom’s trim collection which made mine fairly complete. I was glad I had it when a call for a bit of rick rack went up from a guild member. I was glad to... Read more »