Modern Geese Pulse quilt is finished

Today was another great day because I finished a quilt. That doesn’t happen all that often, once a month this year. See how cleverly I fit that in? Yes, this was my 9th quilt finished and this is the 9th month. I made this quilt with the leftover fabrics from my Pulse quilt. It was a spur of the moment, unplanned quilt and now what I am calling the Modern Geese pulse quilt is finished.

I did mainly straight line quilting in this quilt. I like the simplicity of it as the quilt is very simple as well. I differed when I was doing the flying geese, quilt-re-2those I quilt a quarter inch out from the seam.

quilt-re-1I overused my right hand and arm quilting the Halloween quilts so I had to rest it and find a less taxing way to quilt this quilt. My Gammill has channel locks so doing
straight line quilting is fairly easy. I tend to use only my right hand but I pretty much just used my left hand and every body part is happy.

When it was all quilted I put it back on the design wall and auditioned various fabrics. I tried white, red, blue and green; these were also leftovers from the Pulse quilt. None really made me feel all shook up to quote Elvis.

I had used a Kaffe Fasset for the back that I had squirreled away for quite a while. On a whim, I tried it as the binding. quilt-re-3Wow, I loved it and I had a big scrap piece from the bottom of the quilt.

I made sure to cut it so the stripes were small. I made it into one continuous piece and then sewed it onto the quilt. Then I turned it over to check for errors, and boy oh boy, this was the worst job I had done in a while.

It was particularly vexing as I had shirked cooking and my husband was nice enough to bring home Chipotle so I could keep sewing. I was trying to finish so I had to fix these mistakes. I kept saying, give me five more minutes. (Five = whatever it takes.)

quilt-re-4I was happy with the way the finished quilt looked even though I thought the binding was subpar. My husband liked it quite a bit but I don’t know if I can give it to someone outside of the
family. True confession: I got a spot of coffee on it.

So I threw it in the washer and dryer for a couple of reasons. First, the small spot of coffee had to go. Second, washing makes all quilting deck-q-back-reand sewing look better. And third, deck-q-re-and-markedwashed quilts are just comfier.

This morning I took the quilt out and took some more photos. The back looked good after the washing. In fact this picture on the deck looked a lot better than the one last night.
The front of the quilt looked great also. All the flaws I saw last night seemed to fade with a wash and a good night’s sleep. And you know what else?

That coffee spot is gone!

Sew happy!

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I published a post about this top and the original Pulse quilt.

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