If Mary Tyler Moore was a quilter

I am a very emotional person. I jump up and down and shout “Yippee” when I am excited. I fling myself on my bed every so often and have a good cry. When I student taught my cooperating teacher told me that I wore my heart on my sleeve which was nicer than a drama teacher telling me I had a very mobile face. I am not sure which one is closer to the truth but I know that I am a lousy poker player.

As a result of me being easy to read, I like other people who are demonstrative and you know how they feel. And if they are quilters then I really like them. I was thinking about this and decided that a super fun friend to have would be MTM if Mary Tyler Moore was a quilter.

OK, I am going to think how I would react and project it onto Mary. We’ll have fun! Or at least I will, ha ha!

Mary finishes her first quilt.


Mary and her Mom get ready for a quilt trip.


Mary talking about her quilt that never showed up in the mail.


Mary is talking with that one quilter from guild who likes to talk. Really likes to talk.

Mary just found out that her quilt was not accepted into the big show. Darn it!


Someone just told Mary that her quilt is not good, not good at all.


The person who told her that just said, Ha ha, I was just joking. Mary restrains herself from saying, “No it wasn’t, jokes are funny.”


Mary at work when she stayed up late sewing on her quilt.


Mary thinking about how she feels about quilting, sewing and how much it has added to her life.


I feel the same way as Mary, but then you knew that.

Sew happy!

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