Good news - Halloween Quilt Number 2 is done

I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus sewing wise but I am deliriously happy that Halloween quilt number 2 is done. After I finished the first one I was a bit bored with the idea of doing the quilting and binding on the exact same quilt. Plus, let’s see what other excuses I can come up with. It was really hot and humid?

Whatever the reason, I took about 10 days off when I bought a bit of fabric, that was it. But when Zara indicated an interest to go up to the sewing studio, I was ready.hq re marked

She saw that I had the back of Henry’s Halloween quilt on the Gammill and asked where hers was. She earnestly informed me that she NEEDED hers as she had been cold lately. Guess those other quilts were cutting it?

That was all it took to get me motivated. I finished quilting his quilt in one day. I felt proud and under a bit of pressure.

I knew the kids would be back here on Tuesday and Zara would NOT be taking no for an answer. I made the binding, sewed it on and sewed it down on Monday. Done!

hc re 9I had the quilts on the sofa today when my sweeties came over. My concept was to get them sitting next to each other underneath their quilts. I was hoping for beatific smiles.

Henry tolerated his. For a while. Not long enough for Zara to join the pose. hq re 2

She grabbed hers and took off.  I followed her with the camera and she admonished me, NO PICTURES. She scooted into our bedroom and pretended to take a nap.

I’ll take it! No one cried nor threw it on the floor. Zara likes her quilts with a bit of privacy, I get it.

I just wish she would return the favor when I am in the bathroom!

Sew happy!

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