Describe yourself in 3 fictional characters

I have confessed before that I enjoy social media. I like to post, read, comment and click on some links. I rarely play the games but sometimes, heck, they are fun. Currently there have been posts where you choose pictures to describe yourself in 3 fictional characters.

It was interesting to me to see who played and what characters they chose. Sometimes I didn’t know who the characters were or I was confused why they chose them. The more I thought about it, the more compelled I felt to play.


To select the pictures and characters you first have to decide how to describe yourself. Are you going to choose characteristics, say patriotic. Then you have to decide which patriotic person describes your patriotism.

I decided to go with roles I have in life. What I do and the roles I live do define me. I considered Mom.

Boy, there are a lot of not very nice fictional Moms. Plus, is this still a primary role for me? I am still a Mom but also a Grandma.dorisonraymond

I decided to move onto Grandma. I googled fictional grandmas and boy, Hollywood presents Grandmothers differently than I live the role.  Again, grandmothers are not the best fictional characters out there.

Hmmm, what about foodie? Or wife? Or part of a good couple? Or all of those?
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Would Cliff like being a dog? Would I? Moving on!

an-example-of-the-veneration-of-betsy-ross-in-the-late-nineteenth-centuryI had to fit in being a quilter or at least a sewer. Trying googling famous fictional sewer and you get underground nasty pictures from lots of movies! I went with sewist.

Slim pickings but Betsy Ross did come up. But she’s real, yes? And sewing the flag was probably mainly true?

This was getting difficult! Of course this made it more fun for me. I am always overthinking everything!

What about teacher? Once a teacher always a teacher, yes? But which teacher?


Jane Lynch was funny in Glee. However, she was mean funny and I prefer witty funny. Maybe quirky?

All right enough thinking, let’s just do this Kathy! Fine I will! I will go with teacher, sewist and Grandmother.

I wanted a quirky teacher of a certain age. Glasses were a must. Slightly bewildered was a plus when I chose Harry Potter’s teacher,  Sybill Trelawney. Emma Thompson did a great job.

For grandmother I wanted a fierce and protective character. I wanted people to recognize her so I didn’t choose the French grandma I adore. I went with a Game of Thrones Grandma, Lady Olenna played masterfully by Diana Rigg. She’s a tough one!

For sewing, well see for yourself. Here’s the picture I shared on Facebook. Famous and fictional sewist and one hard worker!me in three

Want to play? You can post yours on Facebook or tell us who you would choose in the comments. It’s a fun mental activity.

Just don’t google sewers!

Sew happy!

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