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Will buying their fabric jinx the Cubs winning the World Series?

Chicago has two baseball teams and the one I prefer has not won a World Series since 1908. My parents were not big baseball fans so games were not a tradition for me. Once I started teaching at Rich East HS, I had a French club and to encourage membership we took all kinds of... Read more »

If Mary Tyler Moore was a quilter

I am a very emotional person. I jump up and down and shout “Yippee” when I am excited. I fling myself on my bed every so often and have a good cry. When I student taught my cooperating teacher told me that I wore my heart on my sleeve which was nicer than a drama... Read more »

Modern Geese Pulse quilt is finished

Today was another great day because I finished a quilt. That doesn’t happen all that often, once a month this year. See how cleverly I fit that in? Yes, this was my 9th quilt finished and this is the 9th month. I made this quilt with the leftover fabrics from my Pulse quilt. It was... Read more »

Harvest of Quilts Show of the Heritage Quilters Guild

When you first walked in BAM you immediately got quilts. They had vintage quilts over chairs with an explanation and a warning not to touch the quilt.
Last weekend I had a real treat. I was able to attend the Harvest of Quilts Show of the Heritage Quilters Guild from Lockport, Illinois. I had never been to one of their shows before and I was very impressed. It was a spectacular show with nary a detail overlooked. If you missed it, you’re... Read more »

Describe yourself in 3 fictional characters

I have confessed before that I enjoy social media. I like to post, read, comment and click on some links. I rarely play the games but sometimes, heck, they are fun. Currently there have been posts where you choose pictures to describe yourself in 3 fictional characters. It was interesting to me to see who... Read more »

The Adoptive Community made me feel Special

September’s blogapalooza came up quickly! We get a topic and an hour to write about it and I enjoy it. Usually I am coming up with my own topics and they are centered around quilting and sewing. Once a month, I don’t have to think of the topic and I can tell a story. You... Read more »

Old School sewing manuals have some good tips

My older daughter is a good hearted soul. She went to a recent fundraiser where a percentage of sales went to a child’s medical bills. She bought some cute things and spied some vintage booklets she thought I might like. And surprisingly, I did. Even though the publication date is 1948 these Old School sewing... Read more »

Tula Pink is a quilting rock star and a really nice person or how I became a fangirl

On Sunday I went to my favorite quilt store, Thimbles, and got to see Tula Pink. I have read about her, bought a bit of her fabric. I didn’t have a wild crush on her like so many quilters that I knew. But since she was going to be so close and there would be... Read more »

Tongue in cheek Quilter to do lists

I write lists all the time on all kinds of pads. Many of them are to do lists and another quilter remarked that she should have her lists printed off as the same items often appeared. Eureka! A small business idea or blog post? I decided to go with a blog post about Quilter to... Read more »

Good news - Halloween Quilt Number 2 is done

I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus sewing wise but I am deliriously happy that Halloween quilt number 2 is done. After I finished the first one I was a bit bored with the idea of doing the quilting and binding on the exact same quilt. Plus, let’s see what other excuses I can... Read more »