Regretting a Round Robin Rip Off

For decades, I was a solitary sewist and quilter. I bought fabric for a couple of projects in the summer and would make one quilt top every six months or so. I would watch TV and hand quilt those tops and I sometimes finished two quilts a year. I also sewed gifts, read one quilt magazine and was content.

I knew there was more out there but when I was teaching full time plus an extra class, raising kids and trying to get some sleep and exercise, it was impossible for me to connect to the quilting world.

In 2010, I retired and set out to savor the entire quilting banquet. I went to conventions, classes and guilds. I started this quilt blog.

I tried to learn new things and expand my horizons. I said YES to almost everything. One of those was a round robin with a group of quilters from Twitter.

rrr re 1In April of 2014 I plunged head first into the round robin experience. Now in August of 2016, I not only do not have my quilt top I do not have my fabrics either, I have nothing. I am really regretting a round robin rip off.

This riff on Churn Dash was the center block I sent off. I also sent along yards of the blue focus fabric, which I adore. I also sent yards of Kona White Solid. rrr re 2

That way everyone would use the same white fabric and it would all match. I included a journal with thoughts about the project and myself. I tucked in small gifts for each quilter who would be working on my top.

In my journal entries I gave my vision of what I was looking for – a modern top with white and blue and any solids. Then I got nervous, what if the other four quilters did not have a stash of solids?

rrr re 3I ran out and got a set of 16 solids. I washed all the fabrics and ironed them. I put everything in plastic bags and included extra blocks I had mistakenly created.

I did the first part on the center block I received and sent it off in early May. I let the next recipient know with the following email.

I got the Round Robin box all packed up and will drop it at the post office tomorrow.
Any questions just let me know! I am very pumped about this activity!

This was my next email.

I haven’t received the last one yet that was due September 15.  I realized it this morning when I read some tweets from other groups.
If I get Round Two asap I will try to make up the lost time.

Things just got more and more behind. One woman got her final top in April of 2015, only a month late as three of us hustled when we got the late boxes. We made up the time.

By June of 2015, I sent out this email.

I have no tops here. As soon as I get yours I will do my part and mail it off to you. I’ve kind of given up hope on this ever coming to fruition.

I understand that people have things that intervene in life. Whoever has mine, it’s  A-OK if you just ship it all back to me.  If it’s  too much then it’s too much
No hard feelings!

In that month, another woman got her finished top. She had two she was working on and I got one of them. I put the final border on and sent it on its way.

By September of 2015, everyone had their tops but me. In February of 2016, I sent the following email.

I am still waiting for my top.

How about if you just send it to me with the fabrics, etc.

I will put the final border on it.  Thanks

At the end of February I received a reply that she would send it out the very next week, it was all done.

About a week ago, I sent a longer version of this email.

 I have never gotten my top. I cannot tell you how disappointed I am in this whole experience.

 I have asked politely to just have my fabric back.

I asked you in February, eleven months after it was due. It has now been six months since you said you would send it.

The next day I received an email that she had sent it out with insurance and tracking back in February. She said she would either argue with the Post office or recreate the top from a photo she took before she added the borders. She could not find the photo. rrr re 4

I did get a photo of my top before it was sent to its last stop. It was so gorgeous that I cried with frustration. I received an email today that stated she had gone to her local shop and found the blue fabric.

That is really startling, unbelievably so. I looked for that fabric today all over the internet and where I bought it two years ago. I could not find a scrap of it. Nowhere.

My reaction to this missing top is first and foremost sadness. Then I have some very odd feelings about the whole situation.  It is just too crazy.

Do me a favor, if you see this quilt top anywhere, particularly in Oklahoma, let me know. It could now be a quilt and have borders.

At least then I will know what happened to it.

Sew happy!

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