Quilt guild orphan block challenge project is complete

I was overwhelmed with extra blocks about a week ago and wrote about it. I loved each and every response, they buoyed me up. All of your creativity made me feel more creative. Thanks to all of you, my quilt guild orphan block challenge project is complete.

ob re 0

Let’s begin with my dilemma, shall we? I had chosen these blocks from the table at guild.

I carefully put them in a zip lock bag and ignored them. For a couple of months, they sat woefully inside. When I had less than a month to go, I pulled them out.

I was hurrying to get things done before my youngest came to visit for a month. I was in a check it off mood, not a think and create mood.ob re 1 Luckily, all of you shared creative molecules with me.

Empowered with your confidence, I started by cutting them up. I tried to get a 4 inch wide piece when I could.

I was still thinking quilt or table runner. The issue now became, do I like these fabrics and blocks enough to put that kind of work into them?

ob re 2

I combined the bits of leftovers from creating 4 inch wide segments. When everything was the same width, I started sewing them together. I wasn’t even sure why but it seemed like it would lead somewhere.ob re 6

And son of a gun, it did!

As the strip got longer and longer it didn’t seem like part of something. It seemed like a border of something. I turned to my stash with the strip in hand.

It seemed to me that it was in a kind of harmony with this Everglades fabric. I had bought it several years ago for a project. Ultimately, I shelved the fabric and warehoused the fabric.

Until now! Its turn to shine was here. I could make pillowcases!ob re 5

I auditioned a contrast strip. I also needed to make this 4 inch wide strip be wider. The band needed to be a total of at least 9 inches.

ob re 3

I cut two 2″ strips of the yellow and two 3″ strips of the aqua. I sewed the teal/aqua onto one side of the strip.

I sewed a 5″ strip on the bottom and guess what? It wasn’t enough fabric! Oh well, I sewed another 3 inch strip on each one.

I love that mistakes in sewing are so easy to fix. It’s not like I just added a cup of salt, I can fix sewing errors. You add, remove or patch!ob re 7

I layered the folded yellow strip on top of the 27″ long piece of pillow case fabric. I put the pieced strip with both borders on top of that. I pinned it in place and sewed it in place.

I then pressed the yellow strip down and the pieced strip up. I folded the top edge of the aqua and pressed it down. I pressed this whole strip in half and sewed it to close the seam.

I used a blanket stitch which I had to redo a bit as it didn’t catch all the ends. I sewed the case right sides together, turned it inside out and encased that seam.

I was done and you know what? I really like these fabrics and blocks now. I found the right project!

ob re 8

What will I do with them? I may save them as gifts or give them away after next week’s guild meeting. Now I just have two more sets of extra blocks to use.

Better get back up to the sewing room.

Sew happy!

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I have a complete tutorial on making pillowcases. It’s easier to follow and the ends are not pieced. Click here.

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