Orphan block guild challenge - Help!

I need some help with my upcoming orphan block guild challenge. I am not seeing the possibilities in the leftover blocks I received. I am a tiny bit uncomfortable calling them orphan blocks. So I may invent other nicknames as I go along. Should I abandon them and use my own. Accck!

re ob 1

These are the blocks I received for the challenge. They are sortof go together. They look like they may have been intended for the same project.

And then there is the one outlier at the top. Whoa, maybe use for a label on the back? Cut it up?

I like the fabrics. I like the blocks. I am open to cutting them up but have no plan in mind.

I look at them and wait for creativity to strike. Then I sigh and put them away. This has been on a loop.

Should I make a baby quilt? Cut up and sew them back together? What color for all the negative space?re ob 2

I am asking for input here. Any ideas you have will be welcomed. I do have some other options. Maybe. If I want to cheat a bit.

I also have 20 of these blocks. No, they are not the ones I received for the challenge. But then again, my guild is not really hung up on rules.

In fact, we don’t have any rules. You can read about my guild here. Dare I substitute these blocks?

re ob 3I really like them and had ideas of making a super cool modern baby quilt. Or table runner. Perhaps a bag? They are the scraps from the Pulse quilt.

I actually have a third possibility if I choose to flaunt the rules. If these blocks look familiar to you it’s because I have written about them before in this post where I advocate doing something with leftover blocks of the month. I vowed to do something with them in 2014 and yes, it’s 2016.

I really do want to make a baby quilt, or two, out of these 43 blocks. It will take a load off my mind. I will toss the little pieces for the other 41 blocks I never did make.

Again, how to set them. Grey as the background? Yellow? Possibly green? You may have picked up on some indecision on my part.

I can’t seem to solve this quandary on my own. I need some help and guidance. Skipping the meeting is not an option.

Although I have to admit, I have given it some thought.

Sew happy!

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