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I wish I had seen the Beatles at Comisky Park

Tonight is our monthly blogapalooza activity. We have an hour to write on a topic. Here is tonight’s topic: “Write about something in your life you’d like a second chance at” I’ve been pretty lucky in my life, there aren’t too many important events where I haven’t had a do over. I am in my... Read more »

Quilter Post it Notes

I love post it notes and I used them like crazy when I taught. I would put one on a stack of paper with GRADE THESE on it and I felt like I had accomplished something. As a quilter I use them but I haven’t begun to tap their potential. I was trying to imagine... Read more »

Birds in the Air is a great book and quilt block

I have a quilt on my bed made up of the Birds in the Air blocks. I created it 16 years ago when my husband and I got married. He is a Civil War Buff and it is a Civil War block. We have loved this quilt so much that it has been repaired 3... Read more »

First modern Halloween quilt is finished

Last year I made some Halloween blocks and wanted to make two small quilts using them. I ran out of time and a goal for this year was to finish those quilts. Easy, right? I mean the blocks were done, I just had to sew them together. But I obviously like to make my life... Read more »

Updates on earlier posts

One of the things I love about writing this blog is the feedback I get from people about my posts. Sometimes they just want to chat and other times they clue me into things I had not thought about. I wanted to share some of these contributions in this post which I shall call updates... Read more »

Regretting a Round Robin Rip Off

For decades, I was a solitary sewist and quilter. I bought fabric for a couple of projects in the summer and would make one quilt top every six months or so. I would watch TV and hand quilt those tops and I sometimes finished two quilts a year. I also sewed gifts, read one quilt... Read more »

How to conquer our own personal quilt police and inner doubts

We all have doubts some times. I know I do. I just boxed up my Pulse quilt and I wanted to put a note in there that it’s OKAY if they hate it and just want to throw it out. I get nervous sometimes when I think I am going to be judged by strangers.... Read more »

Quilt top from the pulse quilt leftovers

Last month I finished and donated a Pulse quilt for those impacted by the horrific massacre which took place at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida. When I was all done, I had some cool remaining blocks and fabrics. I was thrilled to be able to create a quilt top from the pulse quilt leftovers.... Read more »

Indianapolis Modern Quilt Guild Show was a delight

We had the name of the park but weren't sure which way to go. This was a reassuring sign to spot.
I know I have written a lot of posts about our recent weekend in Indianapolis but how about one more? We originally went there because I saw an event on Facebook, a modern quilt show and the whole weekend resulted because of that. The Indianapolis Modern Quilt Guild show was a delight, an absolute delight.... Read more »

Quilt guild orphan block challenge project is complete

I was overwhelmed with extra blocks about a week ago and wrote about it. I loved each and every response, they buoyed me up. All of your creativity made me feel more creative. Thanks to all of you, my quilt guild orphan block challenge project is complete. Let’s begin with my dilemma, shall we? I... Read more »
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