Pulse Quilt top is finished - quilts for Orlando

I wrote last month about the quilts for all those affected by the horrific attack at the Pulse Nightclub in Miami. In that post, I vowed to make some heart blocks. But I changed my mind and decided to make a quilt instead.

I know, I know, I should keep my promises. But let me tell you how I changed my mind and brag that my pulse quilt top is finished.

puls 1 re

The members of the Orlando Modern Quilt guild asked that everyone use the same tutorial from Cluck Cluck Sew.  So I did! I cut two 10.5″ by 5.5″ rectangles from the red, four 2 inch squares and two 5.5″ squares from the white.

I drew a diagonal line on all the squares and lined them up on the red rectangles. At this point I realized she had a great tutorial. These blocks were easy. puls 2 re

I sewed along all of the pencil lines. When I cut off the bottom part I realized these could be half square triangles with one quick seam. So I hung onto them.

puls 3 re

I trimmed all the extra white and pressed the two halves. I pressed the bottom up on one side and down on the other. That way, once I sewed the two parts of the heart together, it fit together better.

Reducing bulk is always a challenge even in the easiest of blocks. I did some of the same sort of careful pressing at the top also. It will make the quilting easier.

And ta-da, I had a heart block. Plus two half square triangles. Who knows what I will make with them.puls 4 re

In the Orlando Modern quilt guild instructions, they requested low volume backgrounds. I was doing white. That’s because I had bought all these gorgeous solids at Yoder’s and even got the white.

puls 5 re

Before I knew it, I had three heart blocks. I saw pictures of the Orlando Modern Quilt guild with so many blocks to piece into tops and so many to quilt.

I thought, oh what the heck, I will make the whole quilt. Plus I had this idea in my head floating around. I made a total of 10 heart blocks, each a different solid.puls 6 re

I then cut one strip from each solid. The strips were five and a half inches wide and 40 inches long. I cut those in a jiffy.

I put them up on my design wall and put the concept on Instagram. I got some positive feedback so I started piecing it all together.

First I pieced both strips of hearts. Then I pieced the strips. I wanted to be careful with the strips so they didn’t curve.

I sewed down the first seam and then up the second. I did them in two groups of five, then I sewed those chunks together. No curves, yay!

pulse 8 re

In a couple of hours, it was all put together. Next challenge or quandary: did I want borders? I again uploaded this picture to Instagram and posed the border question, should I add white borders?

Everyone said NO. Hip hip hooray, less work for me!

I sewed the back fabric together that I bought last Tuesday. If you missed that heart fabric you can catch it herepulse 10 re

I got it all loaded up on the Gammill. You know what I am going to wonder about next. Yep, how to quilt it.

I think I have a pretty good solution. But let me try it out first and see if it works.

That way if it doesn’t, you’ll never know!

Sew happy!

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