My Pulse Quilt is completed #Quilts for Orlando

My Pulse quilt is completed and I loved every minute of making it. I really enjoyed having a basic element, the heart, that I needed to include but free rein otherwise. I kept imagining someone getting this quilt and my desire that it provide some comfort.

pq re 1

Part of the fun challenge was doing ruler work. As I explained in this post, I got these nifty rulers in Michigan City from Jamie Wallen’s store. I wasn’t perfect at using them but I improved with each strip I did.

I used heart templates to quilt the 10 hearts. I have used them repeatedly and so I have better muscle memory with them. My only issue in the quilting was that at one point, my tension decided to go crazy.pq re 2

I spent too much time fixing it. I somehow got it all to work again but there are some wonky stitches on the back. Sigh. I wish the Gammill would just behave and go with the flow.

But I got it all quilted  and smiled when I finished it. I did not allow myself to take out every part I was not thrilled with, I just declared it done. I cut off the extra and placed it on the machine and stepped back to take a look.

I liked it! It wasn’t overly quilted but my quilts never are. I can see somehow feeling my concern for them and love from quilters. And, it’s done!

pq re 3

I bond it in white and finished putting the binding on last night about midnight. I then asked my husband to hold it up. This is not his favorite middle of the night activity to do but he complied. He’s a good egg!pq re 4

I was pleased with the back. I tried to match the print where I sewed the two pieces together. If you don’t look too hard, it matches. The hearts are marching in the same color but the seam didn’t quite complete the heart, they are a bit smaller. Oh well, they look decent enough.

I had threads everywhere on this quilt. I clipped and sought them out like a crazy lady. I decided I wanted to wash the quilt.

It will be cozier that way and have the wrinkly look of an older quilt. But also, I am hoping it will puff up around the bits of quilting where I don’t love the tension.

I have my Modern guild meeting this Thursday and I am quite proud to have finished it Monday night at midnight, not my normal Wednesday night at midnight. Go Kathy!

pq re 9 marked

I had a hair appointment today and after that I drove around time looking for a place to take a more artistic shot. Lots of times, I snap one on my own back deck. However, it’s under construction as we are replacing it.

I wanted some nature, a place to lay the quilt and not full sun. I liked this shot the best after trying shots at various locations. I was pleased with the photo in town excursion.

And not one person asked me what the heck I was doing!

Sew happy!

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