I remember when I learned how to sew

Some events and memories stay with you.  I still have the fondest feelings and memories of when I learned how to sew. My Mother did not know how to sew so she really wanted her daughters to learn how. When I did, it was like the moon, the sun and the stars revolved around me. I am smiling now remembering the positive reinforcement I received.

My Grandmother and her sisters sewed and my Aunts had shown me a bit of how to make a quilt. It resonated with me.  I had to wait to really learn until I was in Jr. High. Students-in-home-ec-sewing-class-Elgin-County-archives-600x320 I can still remember the excitement of preparing for Home Ec class.

il_570xN.379460874_lfjrWe got a supply lists and my Mom let me buy them all. I got needles, thread, thimble, seam ripper and a small ruler. This was in 1967 and I still have that little ruler.

On the first day we learned how to use our supplies and to thread the machine. Real thread in a real machine! Finally we got our first assignment, an apron.

My mom and I went to Marshall Fields to buy my pattern and fabric. I looked in the easy section of the Simplicity catalog and chose a dress. You read that right, not an apron as I didn’t want one.

I was a sewing rebel! This dress had kimono sleeves and finished with braid. The clerk assured us it was an easy first project.seam ripper

However, it wasn’t but I sure did find out what a seam ripper was used for. After a couple of weeks, ta da, I finished my dress. It even had a zipper. Yeah, I bit off a lot.

But I had a dress that fit and I loved it. The fabric was a subtle blue and caramel kettle cloth and to this day, I love that color combination. It was a glorious feeling! I will never forget the sheer pleasure and joy of completing that first project.

sewing-bird-graphicsfairy004I couldn’t wait to sew more items! I made myself a pink and white gingham peignoir set. Because really, what 13 year old girl doesn’t need one of those?

My Mother had me make a blue and white set for my aunt. I sewed culottes for my Mother and party dresses for my sister. I had found my hobby.

From clothes I went to quilts and that really lit up my brain. I have friends who are shocked that I am still quilting as they have probably had 10 hobbies since 7th grade. Once I find something I like, I stick with it.

Or maybe I am waiting until I learn everything about it before I move on?

Sew happy!

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Not only am I glad I learned how to sew, I want all kids to do the same. Here’s a post on that.

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