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A quilter's funeral

I am 63 years old and happy and healthy. I am pretty sure I will live 50 or 60 more years, at least! However, I think it’s good to let your family know what your ideas are about your funeral, a quilter’s funeral. What brought this up? I will show you a post that sparked... Read more »

Let's eat at the table

It’s blogapalooza time again. Here is tonight’s one hour challenge: “Write about one or more of your food/eating preferences or habits that you or others may find unusual or quirky.” Where to start? Quilters love food and I am no exception. I suppose my only difference is that I will eat snails but not lima... Read more »

My Pulse Quilt is completed #Quilts for Orlando

My Pulse quilt is completed and I loved every minute of making it. I really enjoyed having a basic element, the heart, that I needed to include but free rein otherwise. I kept imagining someone getting this quilt and my desire that it provide some comfort. Part of the fun challenge was doing ruler work.... Read more »

Quilters Newsletter is closing - Say it ain't so!

When I took my very first quilt class in 1983 the teacher recommended that we all subscribe to Quilters Newsletter. Being a compliant and eager student, I did exactly that. 33 years later I am still getting my copies. You can imagine my dismay when I read this blog posted and learned that Quilters Newsletter... Read more »

Differences between Political conventions and Quilt conventions

What do you think of if I mention cavernous halls filled with noise and people from all over the country? How about if I add in rabid allegiance, hotel rooms in major cities, swag and after hour parties?  I think it’s pretty much a template for any convention but there must be ways that vary.... Read more »

I remember when I learned how to sew

Some events and memories stay with you.  I still have the fondest feelings and memories of when I learned how to sew. My Mother did not know how to sew so she really wanted her daughters to learn how. When I did, it was like the moon, the sun and the stars revolved around me.... Read more »

Yikes! What do I do when there is a thread trapped under my quilt top?

Sometimes I am very pleased when I am sewing. Other times I wonder what crazed maniacal quilter messed things up for me. The unfortunate truth is that I am the only quilter in the house so that crazed sewist who made the mistakes is always ME! I was all happy that I had finished my... Read more »

Buy some numbered pins for your next quilt making project

I flirted with the idea of buying some numbered pins but not seriously. I put them on my Amazon wish list and when no one gave them to me, I wasn’t too upset. However, a bit later I spied them on Massdrop and oh so casually ordered them. They arrived a few weeks later and... Read more »

Quilters Apothecary is a must visit for Longarm Quilters

I have a good friend who lives in Michigan City, Indiana. We became buds when our daughters started hanging out together in 3rd grade. Every summer I go for the day and she finds fun things for us to do. This year, she outdid herself. We visited The Quilters Apothecary in the TAG building. TAG... Read more »

Pulse Quilt top is finished - quilts for Orlando

I wrote last month about the quilts for all those affected by the horrific attack at the Pulse Nightclub in Miami. In that post, I vowed to make some heart blocks. But I changed my mind and decided to make a quilt instead. I know, I know, I should keep my promises. But let me... Read more »