The scoop on being the Owner of an electric car for two years

It’s the middle of June, 2016 and this marks a significant anniversary in my life. I have been the owner of an electric car for two years. What kind? I’m glad you asked, a Ford Focus EV. During this time I have driven just about 5,000 miles. I am still crazy about my electric car but it has not all been a smooth ride. Let’s take a look.

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I just took a screen shot from My Ford app on my phone. It’s a cool app, it lets me see what is going on with my phone from my condo. It also lets me start the car from upstairs so it’s all warm when I arrive at the garage.

I haven’t had to pump gas or change oil for 2 years. I love that, especially in the winter. However, winter was problematic the first year I had my car.

We had two really bad winters in a row with the thrill of a polar vortex. A series of events – 80 mile trip to Quilt Guild, nonworking chargers and zero degrees outside led me to running out of battery on the highway and having to get a tow.

If you missed my post about it, you can read it here. Even while it was happening, I knew it was a good story. That one tow was probably still less than gas and oil.mileage re

A couple of months ago, I brought my car in because of a recall. Yowza, it really improved my car. Look at the mileage I had a week ago.

104 mile range is really good for me. I always got better mileage in the summer but never this good. However, if I flip on the A/C I lose about ten miles.

Normally, I don’t care, I use the A/C as I like to be cool in my car. But about a month ago, I again went to Quilt guild and the charger in Naperville put zero miles on my car. What the heck?

I didn’t worry, I just used the A/C sparingly. I left my house with 82 miles, drove 80 miles round trip and arrived home with 11 miles left. How did I do this? I turned off the air and braked wisely.

Here’s a summary of the good and bad of my two years:


  • No pumping gas
  • Cutest little car that I love
  • No oil changes
  • Great ride
  • Feeling good about less pollution
  • Initial fabulous tax breaks
  • Mileage range greatly improved


  • Had to have a tow
  • Less efficient in cold weather
  • I have another recall 🙁
  • We use our gas car for long trips

Not paying for gas or oil gives me more money for fabric, that’s always a big plus. The car payment, that’s probably a minus. I guess that part balances out.

I love my electric car but I think once it’s paid for, I will love it just a bit more.

Sew happy!

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