Progress on the Modern Jungle Quilt

I started a new African jungle quilt over a month ago. You’ve probably forgotten about it, yes? No? If you missed it you can read it here. We all probably thought it would be wrapping up about now. But life happened and my focus on the quilt changed.

mod jun re 4I’ve decided that I want it to have a more modern feel so I am going to report on progress on the Modern Jungle Quilt. For me, the map background was not working. It’s odd how something seems good in your head but not on your design wall.

Many people agree that solids are a common element in modern quilts. I have quite the collection of solids. I started framing the animals in solids. mod jun re 2

A few of the animals were appliqued onto solids but the Zebra wanted a jazzier background. What Zebras want, they get. I like the lime green around it.

mod jun re 3

I have little pics here of my three favorite animals, not to disrespect the other animals. I have three strips sewn together with animals and other “blocks” which are really just randomly shaped pieces of fabric. mod jun re 5

The randomness and the asymmetrical placement also gives a modern flavor to this quilt. Plus, I like it. It feels much more lively.

I have sewn the blocks together vertically. The largest block in the row determined the size of the other blocks. I worked on one block at a time, seeing what looked good on that block and alongside its neighbors.

The lion on the bottom was my biggest block so there are a variety of solid strips added to the other blocks. If you look at the non animal mod jun re 6blocks you will notice they are first framed in a thin black strip. Why?

Because? I liked the way it looked and it differentiated the types of blocks. After I did one color all around, I varied the way I added extra width. mod jun re 7

This block wins for the most strips. It is pretty proud. I had to make it short so the strips matched.

The first strip I built from the elephant down so I didn’t trim any of the length of the blocks. The next strip I built up and down from the giraffe. I did trim the bottom block.

mod jun re 8

The third strip I started at the bottom and added 1 inch black strips and then 1.5 to 2.5 strips to the other blocks. The tiger looks like it is missing a strip but it’s just light. I have one more strip to go.

Then I have to decide what to do between the strips. I will audition some African prints and some solid strips. My gut feeling is that I will probably sew them together as is.

But who knows? Quilters have the prerogative to change their minds. And their fabric!

Even if it creates more work for them.

Sew happy!

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