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Modern Jungle Quilt Top Completed

I love that the Modern Jungle Quilt Top is complete, what a wonderful feeling. I rarely complete a quilt top too quickly and this was no exception. I would like to offer the explanation that it was because I had no pattern, I was just making it up as I went along. But I have... Read more »

Box 'O Quilts for childproofing the Spiral Staircase revisted

I have a wonderful, if sometimes messy, sewing studio at the top of a gleaming spiral staircase. This spiral staircase is sometimes an attractive nuisance and other times, just a nuisance. I’ve written about it before and the challenges of getting items up to my studio. Two years ago, I had the fun of trying... Read more »

Opportunity to help Pride victims from Orlando Modern Quilt Guild

I live near Chicago but right now my heart is with the victims of the recent massacre in Orlando, Florida. I saw an appeal for information from the mother of one of those murdered. My heart went out to her as tears filled my eyes. I’ve read tweets and posts about the anguish of the... Read more »

The scoop on being the Owner of an electric car for two years

It’s the middle of June, 2016 and this marks a significant anniversary in my life. I have been the owner of an electric car for two years. What kind? I’m glad you asked, a Ford Focus EV. During this time I have driven just about 5,000 miles. I am still crazy about my electric car... Read more »

Time for more quilt memes

Can you believe this picture?
It’s that time again! What time, you ask? Time for more quilt memes! Hooray! I make up quilt memes and post them on my Facebook page every day. I have fun doing it but I like to show off my favorites more than once. I post some on or Instagram Twitter occasionally which I enjoy.... Read more »

Quilting and sewing articles in the news - the good, the bad and the ugly

I read every article I can find on quilts or sewing. Sometimes I click them open and close them right up. Some news services want me to register or pay and I decline. Other articles don’t have pictures and really don’t pique my interest. Other times there are quilting and sewing articles in the news... Read more »

How much light is enough for sewing and quilting?

How much light is enough for sewing and quilting? How about if I told you that it depends. Not a very good answer but I am afraid it’s true. Let’s try to figure it out together. I think the first thing to consider is overall room lighting. I just discovered that there is an actual... Read more »

Imaginary Letters Seeking Quilting and Sewing Advice, second edition

I have more advice to give to imaginary letters seeking it. This is my second foray into the advice giving biz. the first was sew darn fun I had to have another go at it. Yes, a second edition if you will of Imaginary Letters seeking quilting and sewing advice. Dear Ms. Sew ‘n Sew,... Read more »

Making a quilt should be celebrated like running a marathon

In my family there are numerous runners.  I was briefly one of them but it just isn’t in my arsenal of talents and interests. Multiple relatives have finished marathons, a cool achievement. I have cheered them on and liked their pictures on Facebook. In my family there is only one person who has made a... Read more »

Yeiser Art Museum exhibit of Art Quilts in Quilt Week Paducah 2016

I was very intrigued when I saw the Yeiser museum in this historic building. It was a bustling part of town.
My ticket for Quilt Week included the quilts, the rotary club exhibit, the National Quilt museum and admission to the Yeiser Art Museum exhibit of Fantastic Fibers. I have never made an art quilt and fumble a bit with what is an art quilt. In the future I want to do a post on art... Read more »