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Are rules made to be followed or broken?

It is blogapalooza time for the month of June. We have one hour to write on a topic and then publish. Here is tonight’s topic: “Since rules are made to be broken, write about rules you routinely break or want to break” I have to ask myself first, are rules made to be followed or... Read more »

DIY 4th of July dish towel and other Hostess gift ideas

This is a big weekend for parties, it’s the 4th of July. I am not a big party gal but a good friend of mine has a new house. She is having a combination 4th of July and Housewarming party. She and her husband downsized so I want to give her something that can be... Read more »

How to slash and insert fabric or what I learned at Quilt Guild

I have mentioned before that I love my Modern Quilters guild. Everyone is very helpful, unselfish and sharing. Last week one of our members, Anita, taught us how to slash and insert fabric. The trick to Anita’s method is water soluble glue, your choice of brand. I am working on two Halloween quilts for my... Read more »

Guess the age of the Quilt decorated Hudson car

Here I am standing by my favorite car. I am a 1953 model! Keep going for the car quiz.
My husband loves cars and I love quilts. He is super about bringing me to quilt shows around the country but rarely comes in. The show which gets him out of the car and in line for a ticket is the Shipshewana Quilt Festival held each June. Why? (good question) Because event center includes the... Read more »

Flying debris from a truck struck my car - Yikes!

I drove to my quilt guild today on 355. I am quite an excellent passenger but more of a reluctant driver. I always worry I will get tired so I slept late this morning and brought a huge iced coffee with me. No worries, right? Wrong! Flying debris from a truck struck my car and... Read more »

Modern Jungle Quilt is Finished

Last night I was up in my sewing room sewing the binding on the jungle quilt. Lighting was flashing, thunder was crashing and I was dashing towards quilt completion. The storm blew itself out just as I took my final stitches. I had calm skies and the thought that the modern jungle quilt is finished... Read more »

Quilt ecards just for fun

Design elements are the best part about quilting!
Ecards are hilarious and quilt ecards, even more so. I have made more than my fair share of them. Naturally, I am going to share them with you. Why? Why not! Here are quilt ecards just for fun. Enjoy! Sew happy! Want to see and enjoy more quilty fun? Check out my Facebook page. Like... Read more »

Modern Crazy Quilt style bib with African Fabrics

Crazy quilt were really popular over a hundred years ago. They had bits of fabric added together and stitching on the seams. They had embellishments!
I get a kick out of the challenges from my guild but I was hesitant at first about trying them. . I forced the issue two years ago by making a New Year’s Resolution to do more challenges. Amazingly enough, that did the trick. But sometimes I do a mini “taste” version of the challenge.... Read more »

I gave myself the gift of a two day sewing marathon

I was lucky enough to turn 63 last Thursday and I gave myself the gift of a two day sewing marathon. It was fabulous! My present from my husband was taking me to Quilt week in Paducah, this was my present from me to me! I started off on Wednesday by getting dressed, then I... Read more »

Car quilt sticker is in place

Remember when I wrote about celebrating Quilting like we do marathons? What? You missed that one? No worries, just click here. All caught up now, great! I am writing to let you know that I am a quilter of her word. My car quilt sticker is in place and looks terrific. I love it! I... Read more »