Opportunity to help Pride victims from Orlando Modern Quilt Guild

I live near Chicago but right now my heart is with the victims of the recent massacre in Orlando, Florida. I saw an appeal for information from the mother of one of those murdered. My heart went out to her as tears filled my eyes. I’ve read tweets and posts about the anguish of the friends and families of those that were cut down so young. I keep thinking of the Mothers and their grief. But I felt so helpless.

I have always wanted to counter hate with love but I yearned for a way to make that love manifest. I was on twitter when I read of an opportunity to help Pride victims from the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild.


Screenshot 2016-06-13 20.46.35I clicked around and got to the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild Instagram account. From there I found their blog. They are asking for donations of 10 inch heart blocks or heart quilts.

You can read about their efforts on their blog. They also will post on their blog the address where we should send the blocks. I imagine they will receive quite a bit of mail so it is important to have it capable of handling all the donations.

I plan on making blocks, not a whole quilt. They are requesting bright colors with a low volume back ground. They want the blocks to be finished size of 10 inches.

If you are making a whole quilt I think the sky is the limit. You can do any kind of heart quilt you want.

The blocks, of course, will need to be one size and type. The colors will vary. The heart tutorial they are requesting you use is from Cluck, Cluck Sew.Heart Blocks in Multiple Sizes

You can find that tutorial here. Basically you are cutting two rectangles, sewing background squares on both top corners and one bottom. Sew the squares on the color, clip and press.

Check the tutorial, it shows with pictures! When I first looked at the pictures, I didn’t realize the background squares were already sewn on.

I like the idea of the blocks. I hope they will be joined with other blocks and we will all show our love together.

I do believe that love always wins.

Sew happy!

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