Making a quilt should be celebrated like running a marathon

In my family there are numerous runners.  I was briefly one of them but it just isn’t in my arsenal of talents and interests. Multiple relatives have finished marathons, a cool achievement. I have cheered them on and liked their pictures on Facebook. In my family there is only one person who has made a quilt, me. In spite of the relative rarity of my accomplishment, it is not quite cheered like running. I think it should be. In fact, I believe that making a quilt should be celebrated like running a marathon.


Have you seen this sticker on cars? I have but I do not have one. It means the driver has run a marathon, 26.2 miles.

Yes, it’s a goofy number. If you want to read the whole story, you can click here. It’s roughly based on a distance an ancient Greek ran to deliver a message and then collapsed and died. In 496 BC.

This length was added to the 1896 Olympics, 40 kilometers. But in 1908 it was increased to a bit over 42 kilometers, supposedly to accommodate the Royal family’s viewing.  And there you go, that’s why people run this distance. aa561bec-f589-4bc0-b9a4-1055e43beac9

It’s hard, hence the messenger collapsing and dying, so some people run half marathons.  Half of 26.2 is 13.1 so those runners put these stickers in their car windows.

According to Running USA, 541,000 people in the States finished a marathon. That’s a lot of running, races and celebrations.

Those are the marathon finishers, the elite runners. There are 45.67 million estimated runners in the US. They are cheered on as well, streets are cleared for their events.

Let’s examine the statistics for quilters. If you want you can read all the statistics at this interesting site. It is estimated that there are 21.3 million quilters in the states, with one in every 14 households. Of those quilters, 6.2% of them are the active quilters who produce quilts every year.

quilt_oval_stickerIt looks like there are more runners, over twice as many as there are quilters. But if 6.2% of quilters are actively finishing quilts then that is 1,320,000 quilters who finish quilts in a year.

Let’s whoop and holler for them. It is not so easy to stick to it and finish a quilt. And then to keep on doing it?que_brushed_b_sticker_oval

I maintain that those of us who are quilting (training) on a regular basis and finishing quilts (marathons) should announce it on OUR cars. And I am putting my money where my mouth is. I just went to Cafe Press and ordered one! For about 5 bucks I want to brag to the world that I quilt and its a great accomplishment.

Should we have other ovals for those of us who just make blocks? Or lap quilts? Mini quilts? What’s our 13.1 or half marathon.

Or maybe just stick to quilt.  Here’s a blank oval we can fill it in with ideas and I know there are places that will print it.

QMaybe if we don’t finish quilts in a year, just a Q? Or collect the letters and string them across the car as you finish?

I know that we celebrate quilts in our guilds, bees and shows. We see them in magazines and read about them online. We pin them on Pinterest.

Now let’s think about more ways to let the world know that we are quilters and we’re proud. Woot woot!

We are just as cool as marathoners and we have the quilts to prove it!

Sew happy!

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