I finally decided to sell my antique treadle sewing machine

My Mom used to collect antiques with a friend of hers. She would mainly buy small items and always looked for good deals. At the time, I didn’t really care that much about it but I should have paid more attention. Over the years, she gave me some items which I didn’t value enough.

My father really disliked this hobby of my Mom’s. He felt like she was dragging home junk that he hadn’t liked when it was in his grandmother’s house. As a result, he wouldn’t help her get heavy items home or in the house.

She would pay for delivery or I would sweet talk my boyfriend into helping her out. My sisters and I had to help with a buffet, a hall tree and an antique treadle sewing machine. He barely tolerated those items.

I taught my Mother how to sew straight lines on the sewing machine which was kept in the former bedroom of my oldest sister. My Mom turned it into a sewing room and put the treadle in there. I liked it and the lamp she kept on it. It made the room cozy.

treadle 2 reAbout a week after she died my dad asked me if I wanted it or he was going to throw it out. I wasn’t terribly keen to own it but out of solidarity to my Mom, I got it into my house. And I moved it to my condo.

That sucker was heavy! It wasn’t a gorgeous example of one and it didn’t work. It lacked a needle and a non broken cord. treadle 1 re

Poor Cliff had to haul it around a few times and even tried to muscle it up the spiral staircase to the sewing studio. No way! So we kept it in our bedroom.

My Mother had purchased it sometime in the 70’s and I feel like she paid 75.00 dollars for it. Maybe less? I got it in the early 80’s and hung on to it.

I felt like I had to! My sisters and I eventually got all of my Mother’s antique furniture, my dad was thrilled to see it go.

In turn, I shared some with my daughter. And by “shared” I mean she announced, I’m taking this. I was actually glad she liked antiques.

My father would take note of them at my house and hers at the start. He was glad he didn’t own them but sort of glad we did. And in this way the treadle was with me for over 3 decades.

When my father died, I felt like I had done my duty to my Mom. Plus, I wanted a reading chair in the bedroom. Our condo is very open concept and if I want to read the only comfy chairs are within hearing distance of the television.

treadle re 4I ordered a chair. I took a deep breath and put the sewing machine on a local Facebook page for buying and selling. It sold within the first ten minutes.

A really nice guy who does woodwork bought it for his daughter. She had admired one he gave his wife for Mother’s day. It went to a good home!

He will take care of it and make it work again. It will be loved and prove once again that my Mom made a good purchase! Getting the money was also pretty fun.

I love my chair! I have read in it every day since it came. It’s a recliner so theoretically I could take a nap in it. Or I already have.treadle re 5

Henry sleeps best with a quilt my friend gave me. We call it the napping quilt. A couple of hours after it arrived he and I broke it in.

I spoil him rotten and don’t put him in the pack n play for naps. I hold him and I love it. OK, I nap also.

We snuggled into the chair and closed the door. I turned off the lights and wrapped him up. I bounced him until we both fell asleep.

And he took his best nap here ever, two hours! Because I am a sacrificer, I slept right along with him. In my new chair where the antique treadle sewing machine used to be.

I think my Mom would approve.

Sew happy!

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