Flying debris from a truck struck my car - Yikes!

I drove to my quilt guild today on 355. I am quite an excellent passenger but more of a reluctant driver. I always worry I will get tired so I slept late this morning and brought a huge iced coffee with me. No worries, right?

Wrong! Flying debris from a truck struck my car and it totally scared me. I once knew a man whose wife was killed by flying truck debris that tore through her windshield. There was a family who lost nearly all their children in a similar incident on an Illinois highway.

As a result I don’t like to drive behind trucks, particularly pick up trucks with a load in the back. Today, I was in the middle lane headed for the toll when this truck came roaring up on my right. Suddenly,  BAM something flew off the car, hit my windshield and flew off. The noise was tremendous.

I was startled and just kept on driving. The truck stopped and pulled over. Whatever flew off must have been important? I wasn’t thinking clearly or I should have probably pulled off as well.

I felt so lucky that I didn’t care if anything was wrong with my car. And I didn’t need any coffee to be completely awake. I kept thinking how fortunate I was that nothing had really gone wrong.

small re 1The rest of the night was filled with gratitude. I met a friend from my first year of teaching and she gave me flowers, basically just to be nice. I felt overwhelmed with her kindness.

I looked at my car and found a small gash in the glass and that was it. The rest of the car was fine and more importantly, I was fine. Perfectly fine in fact.

We had dinner at an Italian restaurant and the food tasted divine. Talking with my buddy just seemed glorious. I mean I didn’t even need dessert that is how lucky I felt to be alive.small re 2

At guild, a member brought some items she had gotten free at a quilt show. Another member had the idea of breaking up the fabrics so we would all get something. I got a  folded triangle of a darling fabric.

I love it and felt the generosity of the giver and the clever idea to make sure everyone got something was perfect. I felt so happy to be alive I was willing to not even receive anything. I have to use this fabric in something really special!

We meet at wonderful quilt store and after the meeting we shop. The owner gives us a discount the night of guild. Tonight I found that to be remarkable.small re 3

I picked out some needles, a spool of thread and two great fabrics.  The lime color doesn’t show how lively it is. The black is Grunge black and I plan to use it in a Halloween quilt. I feel so fortunate to have gotten all this with 20% off!

I drove home feeling that it was great to be alive. I was grateful for all the nice things that had happened before guild and during the meeting. I enjoyed the cool night air and drove calmly on my route.

But I made sure not to be near any trucks.

Sew happy!

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