DIY 4th of July dish towel and other Hostess gift ideas

This is a big weekend for parties, it’s the 4th of July. I am not a big party gal but a good friend of mine has a new house. She is having a combination 4th of July and Housewarming party. She and her husband downsized so I want to give her something that can be used or consumed, not saved. I have some suggestions including a 4th of July Dish towel and other Hostess gift ideas if you are going to a party.

First of all, my ideas that I wouldn’t have had to sew.

  • Bottle of white wine and red wine, tied with a blue ribbon
  • Fresh strawberries and fresh blueberries in a blue basket
  •  Blueberry jam and strawberry jam with a baguette
  • Bouquet of red, white and blue flowers
  • Watermelon wrapped in a blue tablecloth tied with a white ribbon
  • White corn chips, blue corn chips and red salsa
  • A flag for their new house
  • Matching flag swimsuits

4th re 1OK, I wasn’t serious about the last idea but I do tend to just let my mind wander when trying to decide on presents. I think a lot and then I make something. When we were in Shipshewanna, I picked up star fabrics and a roll of dishcloth fabric.

First I made an apron, one side blue and one side red and white. I love making simple chef aprons and letting the fabric do the talking.4th re 2 I saved the scraps to decorate the towels.

I love these rolls of toweling. You could also use a red, white or blue dishtowel. I always pick these up when I see them.

I bought the whole bolt that was left or 7 yards. It measures 16 inches across. A kitchen towel is usually 26 to 30 inches long.

4th re 3I cut mine 27 inches long. That way I have enough to hem up at each end and still end up with a 26 inch long towel.

I am making two so I cut two lengths. I proceeded to press up a scant quarter inch twice on all four ends. I then stitched across, two towels ready to decorate.

If you look at the apron, you will notice I made the straps of a brighter blue. I had purchased a quarter yard so I had a strip left, just one.4th re 4

I folded that strip in half and decided to sew it to use on one towel. I then drew a slightly wonky star and traced it on the blue and the white fabrics. I cut out 4 blue ones and 2 white ones.

4th re 5

I cut the strip to be a bit less than 17 inches and folded both ends twice and pressed them. I stitched those ends and then stitched a seam down the middle of the strip. I turned it inside out, pressed it and pinned it on the towel.4th re 6

I used the blanket stitch to attach it to the towel. It was mainly decorative as there were no raw seams. There was a bit extra on each end, I should have cut that strip 16.5″. Oh well, the ends will be folded in.

4th re 8

I used spray adhesive to make sure the stars stayed where I wanted them. I even picked them up and rearranged them at one point.

I used the blanket stitch on them as well. I liked the way it looked. It may allow for a bit more fraying but dish towels, if used, aren’t used forever. 4th re 7

I finished both and put them with the apron. I was very pleased. Take a look.

I will probably use a piece of leftover fabric as a ribbon and tie them all together. It shows my friend that we aren’t trying to fill up her new house, we are just happy she’s happy with it. I hope it’s enough.

Should I pick up some flowers also?

Happy 4th and sew happy!

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