Box 'O Quilts for childproofing the Spiral Staircase revisted

I have a wonderful, if sometimes messy, sewing studio at the top of a gleaming spiral staircase. This spiral staircase is sometimes an attractive nuisance and other times, just a nuisance. I’ve written about it before and the challenges of getting items up to my studio.

stairs re 8Two years ago, I had the fun of trying to keep Zara off the staircase. She was about 14 months and determined to claim the stairs as hers. We could not find a gate to keep her out and childproofing the spiral staircase was nearly impossible.

I came up with a solution that I adored and I wrote about it. I bought a toy box that my husband put together. I then filled it with quilts.10286853_10202063553646651_2040403463033873438_o

Success, yes? For a while, yes. But once she was more confident about walking, she took it on. And won.

When she turned two, I taught her how to go up and do the stairs. It was safer! She fell off the last step once and since then has a healthy respect for the stairs.

For a while, the stairs were just there, no worries. The quilts stayed in the box and were used as needed. Everything was hunky dory.

Now, there is a new baby on the scene, baby Henry. He is our sweetie pie but he’s a buster.

stairs re 1When he was 9 months old he took on the box o quilts. He simply shoved it to the side and started up the stairs. Whoa!

We needed to find a new solution and find it fast. This time we looked for dog gates and found a great one. We set it up today and let him go at it.

He was intrigued and tried his shove technique. It didn’t work because the gate is not on wheels. Plus, I have it braced against the box o quilts.

He gave it a good try and then, he knew when to fold ’em. He dropped to the floor and crawled off.stairs re 4 Smart kid but we all know he’ll be back.

We’re ready for him!

Sew happy!

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