Sewing machine leggings are my favorite article of clothing

I have certain items in my wardrobe that I prefer over others. There is one nightgown that I swear lets me sleep better. Some of my shoes are so cute, I just love wearing them. But right now, my sewing machine leggings are my favorite article of clothing.

leggings 1 reYes, you read that right. I have sewing machine leggings. My daughter got them for me for Mother’s day.

I love these sewing machine leggings with all my heart! However, I have had some trouble finding the right dress or tunic to wear with them.leggings 4 re

I am stilling waiting on two more to arrive but today, I threw caution to the wind and wore them with a black knit dress. It was part of my feel better by looking better scheme. And it worked.

See that smile? It’s because the sun was actually shining and I left my condo. Plus, I am wearing such fun leggings.

I couldn’t believe it when I saw this fun piece of apparel. My daughter bought them from her friend, Missy. If you would like to check out Lularoe leggings click here!

leggings 3 re

My daughter bought me size Curvy Tall but I was dubious they would fit. I need both the tall and the curvy part. I was thrilled that they did.

I am 5’9″ and my daughter is 5’4″ and this size fits both of us. However, she can pull them way up which makes me a bit jealous. I have 3 pairs now.leggings 2 re

Both these are my favorites, duh. I had my husband take close ups so you could see the sewing machines. Aren’t those just a hoot?

I want to wear them with a blue knit dress but I have sent two back so far. I am hoping Travel Smith will have the answer.  I know there’s yellow and obviously pink but I like blue!

These leggings make me feel whimsical and fun. They make me smile and other people laugh and tell me that they are perfect for me. Yes, they are.

leggings 10 reDid they, however, cure my cold? Not even these sewing machine leggings could perform that miracle but I am coming along.

And I know, I should have coughed into my elbow!

Sew happy

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