Quilt letters that were never written - the sequel to Love and Friendship

I love reading more than I love the movies and I really love reading a book before I see the movie. I was shocked when my husband told me there was a new Jane Austen movie coming out. And I hadn’t read it! Yikes! I mean, how very vexing. (To channel Jane.) I ran to the bookcase to search for Lady Susan and found it in a compilation of her novellas and juvenelia.

lady susanI immediately started reading it and was shocked to discover that it is actually a series of letters. I guess that makes sense as people wrote so much more then, letters and whatnot. The movie based on these letters is Love and Friendship, starring Kate Beckinsdale.

This novella, and movie, are very different from her normal novels. Lady Susan is a real pain in the neck. Yet, she seems to get what she wants. Sounds fun!

I am excited for a new read and the movie. But rats, why isn’t there a lesser known Jane Austen novel about a series of Quilt letters. Or is there?

In my imagination, I have discovered (created, one of the two) that very item and I am about to share them with you here. Yes, quilt letters that were never written from a saucy, bold, annoying, penniless heroine just like Lady Susan. I can’t wait until it’s made into a movie.


Dear Prudence,                                         Monday, June 1

How I admire your quilts! I must come over and have you teach me how to make me one. Seeing as how you have so many fabrics, let’s just use yours, shall we?

Since we are such good friends, I know you would be insulted if I paid you for the pattern, fabric, thread or other trivial supplies.

I am planning on being there a week from Thursday. How lovely it will be to dine with you and learn how to make a quilt. I am thinking a slumber party will quite complete the festivities.


Lady Quiltina


Dear Prudence,                                            Wednesday, June 3

How very disappointing that you will not be available on Thursday. Well, I shan’t be selfish, I shall just forgo the quilt lessons. You go ahead without me and complete the quilt.rs_506x749-160330170802-634.Love-and-friendship-movie-poster-tt-033016

Being the wife of my dearly departed husband’s brother, I know helping his widow will bring you solace.

As you shall be away, I will just come by, pick up the quilt and have a bit to eat by myself. Don’t worry. I’m used to deprivation.

Keeping my chin up,

Lady Quiltina


Dear Prudence,                                         Monday, June 8

I received the quilt this morning along with your note explaining that you are going out of the country. How wonderful, you know I love to travel. I think you may have forgotten my ticket.

No problem, I shall just drop by and pick it up myself.

Bon voyage to us then!

Lady Quiltina

PS The quilt was just fine, almost as wonderful as if I had made it myself. Which I think we can both agree, we will say is the case.

– Next installments coming soon. Read the letters before the movie comes out, Quilts and Frenemies. Coming soon to a theater near you!

How about a peek at the real upcoming movie!

Pretending to write a book that is made into a movie, now that makes me Sew happy!

Do you think Kate Beckinsdale will reprise her role?

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