Presidential and Patriotic quilts seen at Quilt week in Paducah 2016

Are you wondering when Kathy is going to stop writing about her trip to Paducah? Ha! I could just write and write about it! There were so many great aspects to that experience. When I purchased my two day pass it included entry to the Rotary Club exhibit. I ran over there at the last minute, well actually my husband drove me! I even went in the wrong door but boy am I glad I figured it out and  fit it in.

I was very impressed with the Presidential and Patriotic quilts seen at the Rotary exhibit during Quilt Week, this is exactly the kind of politics I like. Quilts! I got to see some fun quilts, meet the author and buy her book.

Cherrywood Fabrics, one of my favorite vendors, had their booth there as well. Double happiness because naturally, I bought some. I’m thinking of entering their recent challenge, but I digress!

If you missed this stop, come see some highlights of the book and the exhibit. I’m voting the quilt party, straight ticket!

Sue Reich has an extensive collection of patriotic quilts. Here is a short video of her explaining two. There are more videos about her collection on YouTube.

Don’t you love seeing quilts at shows?

They make Sew happy!

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I published a post on Abraham Lincoln quilts once and one on the last Presidential election.

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