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Side trip to see the award winning quilt of Ann Loveless

Last Saturday my husband and I were driving in Northern Michigan. Even though we had a long drive and hadn’t gotten an early start I did not want to go straight home. I was determined to make a side trip to see the award winning quilt of Ann Loveless, Sleeping Bear Dune Lakeshore. My husband... Read more »

National Quilt Museum during Quilt Week in Paducah 2016

One of the last experience I had during Quilt Week was to visit the National Quilt Museum. Admission to this lovely place was included in the pass I had purchased. It was surprisingly not crowded, cool, quiet and had floors that were easy to walk on. I was thrilled I had revisited this favorite.
I had such a great time at Paducah that I am not done posting about it yet. Besides the quilts, the people, the vendors and the town there were also special exhibits. I had been before but I was thrilled to revisit the National Quilt Museum during Quilt week in Paducah 2016. It’s a stunning... Read more »

2016 Trip to the Spring Needle Art Seminar at the Grand Hotel did not go as expected

Last week I wrote excitedly about our upcoming trip and promised a post about how great everything turned out. Darn it, but our trip to the Spring Needle Art Seminar at the Grand Hotel did not go as expected. What a disappointment! I think the letdown may have been because last year’s experience was so... Read more »

Weird fabric choices and omissions

Have you ever really wanted a particular fabric and looked for it in stores and online without any success. Yet during this quest you find all kinds of other novelty fabrics readily available for purchase. What makes a manufacturer say yes to the Wizard of Oz but no to Singing in the Rain? Sure you... Read more »

Returning to the Grand Hotel Annual Spring Needle Art Seminar

In 2015, I attended the Grand Hotel Annual Spring Needle Art Seminar and I loved it. My husband adored it even more. Three gourmet meals a day? Golf? Fancy rooms and many comfortable chairs? He told ME we were going for sure in 2016 as well. I am a pretty smart lady, I signed up!... Read more »

Fun look at Cinco de Mayo Quilts

I love seeing if I can find a connection between two items I like so I googled Cinco de Mayo quilts and got so many astounding links. Full confession: I did not know that there was a quilt pattern named Cinco de Mayo. (Hangs head in shame.) But now that I do, I want to... Read more »

Jimmy Fallon is on the naughty list #noquiltsforfallon

I opened up my Facebook account and what is the first thing I see? A video from the Jimmy Fallon show which a friend has on my wall. Is this a video in which Mr. Fallon acknowledges the wonder of the quilting world? No, it is not. It is a video in which he disrespects... Read more »

Nala and Simba Quilt is Finished

I stayed up sewing really late sewing on Wednesday night. I was tired the next day but it was worth it because the Nala and Simba Quilt is finished. I am quilter, hear me roar! My dear Gladys, the Gammill longarm, has been in a really good mood lately. As a result, my only challenge... Read more »

My father enjoyed 94 years of a life well lived

About 18 months ago I wrote a post about visiting my father in the hospital after he fell and fractured his spine. Since that happened I have been dreading/expecting my dad to die. It was a stressful time of constantly shifting new levels of what my father could and could not do. As his world... Read more »