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I love my Modern Quilters Guild

Currently I am active in only one local guild, The Naperville Modern Quilters guild. We are a very small group that meets eleven times a year. Our only rule is that there are no rules, which I pretty much adore. There are so many reasons why I love my Modern Quilters Guild but the no... Read more »

Wow! Riverwalk Quilters Guild Show 2016 was terrific

This was the first quilt that said, oh take my picture! I really liked Peleton by Valli Schiller.
I went to a fabulous quilt show and didn’t even tell anyone about it. In between my youngest daughter visiting and my father’s service, I was able to fun up to Naperville and I am so glad I did. The Riverwalk Quilters Guild Show 2016 was terrific. And quilts are always fun to look at,... Read more »

I wish I had known that commitments are taken lightly by some

Tonight is blogapalooza night, the night where we get a topic and an hour to write a post about it. Here is tonight’s topic: “Write about something you know now that you wish you knew then.” This is an interesting topic because I was just pondering how seriously I take a commitment and how often... Read more »

Quilt letters that were never written - the sequel to Love and Friendship

I love reading more than I love the movies and I really love reading a book before I see the movie. I was shocked when my husband told me there was a new Jane Austen movie coming out. And I hadn’t read it! Yikes! I mean, how very vexing. (To channel Jane.) I ran to... Read more »

Learn to sew and ignore Pinterest

I actually like Pinterest and I pin my blogs, pictures, travel ideas on the site. But there are way too many goofy pins on there that are a complete waste of time, in my opinion. I think you should learn to sew and ignore Pinterest no sew pins. Why are there so many no sew... Read more »

Sewing machine leggings are my favorite article of clothing

I have certain items in my wardrobe that I prefer over others. There is one nightgown that I swear lets me sleep better. Some of my shoes are so cute, I just love wearing them. But right now, my sewing machine leggings are my favorite article of clothing. Yes, you read that right. I have... Read more »

Having a cold is a quilting nightmare

I have a cold and I can’t get anything done. I have tried to sew but I just can’t, I am too sleepy. Having a cold is a quilting nightmare. I sit down to try and this is what happens. via GIPHY These are the days that I am glad I am retired. I am... Read more »

The final goodbye to a parent is hard work

This past weekend we had my Father’s memorial service and interned his ashes on top of my Mother’s grave. My daughter Shelby flew for 21 hours to be there to say her final goodbye to her beloved Papa. Many of my friends called, texted, sent a card and or came to the service. All of... Read more »

10 Fun Facts about Presser Feet

I love learning new things, especially anything connected to sewing. A post with facts about presser feet seemed like a natural only first, I have a confession to make. I started sewing in 1967 and have owned various machines and read their manuals. I have read books, blogs and Facebook posts and until 2015, I... Read more »

Presidential and Patriotic quilts seen at Quilt week in Paducah 2016

I was so taken by the exhibit, I bought the book. I am super glad that I did.
Are you wondering when Kathy is going to stop writing about her trip to Paducah? Ha! I could just write and write about it! There were so many great aspects to that experience. When I purchased my two day pass it included entry to the Rotary Club exhibit. I ran over there at the last... Read more »