Nala and Simba Quilt is Finished

I stayed up sewing really late sewing on Wednesday night. I was tired the next day but it was worth it because the Nala and Simba Quilt is finished. I am quilter, hear me roar!

nala f re 1

My dear Gladys, the Gammill longarm, has been in a really good mood lately. As a result, my only challenge was to figure out how I wanted to quilt this Lion King lap quilt. I quickly discarded the idea of quilting little lions all over it. You can only quilt what you can draw and I can’t draw lions!

I decided to mimic the movement of the grass on that fabric. On the animal prints I decided to make a sortof funky animal print shape which was fun.nala f re 2 And on the lions, I quilted little paw prints very close together.

I quilted it all with yellow thread. I used up some of my Hobbs 80/20 batting as I am not concerned about fold marks on this quilt. I only stabilized with stitching at the top, the quilt and bat both floated otherwise.

It really stitched up pretty quickly and easily. I spent two days on it, here and there. I decided to bind it in the green grass fabric as there were enough elements nala re 3 markedgoing on.

My sweetheart of a husband held it up for me. But those of you with x-ray vision already knew that, am I right? I didn’t have enough yellow to bind the quilt and nala f re 4now I am glad, I like the green.

I was pleased with the back as well, I used up all the Lion King fabrics that I had received from The Fabric Society. Plus I have enough of the African print to use on something else. I then washed and dried the quilt, after this picture.

I wanted Zara to have little stuffed versions of the animals to play with so we ordered 10″ plush ones on Amazon. They were huge so we had to send them back and start over again. The second time, we got the right ones.

I put the quilt with the Nala and Simba stuffed animals right by the door. Zara came Friday morning and her eyes grew big and she shouted, MINE and rushed over. She grabbed the toys and the quilt so that was that!

nala zara 1 re

That afternoon she got herself all cozy in my husband’s chair. She put his quilt behind her, snuggled in with her quilt and new favorite animals while she watched The Lion King.

Even better, Henry was taking a nap.

Life is good when you are 3 and have your own personal quilt-maker. nala re 6

Finishing this quilt made me sew happy.

Sew happy in fact that I wanted one last view.

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