Learn to sew and ignore Pinterest

I actually like Pinterest and I pin my blogs, pictures, travel ideas on the site. But there are way too many goofy pins on there that are a complete waste of time, in my opinion. I think you should learn to sew and ignore Pinterest no sew pins.

Why are there so many no sew ideas? In knitting they don’t promote no knitting knit items. Same thing for crocheting, but sewing is full of no sew goofy ideas.

Here is my first example, a skirt. Well sortof if you would also consider the towel I wrap around after a shower a dress. Just say no to this no sew.

pin 1 re

Ready for example number two? This is one of many fabulous tops you can make using scissors and a t-shirt. Or just wear the t-shirt!

pin re 2

Wait I have more! This next one might work if it was Halloween night and all you had in the house was a tablecloth. On second thought, just glue some plates and cups and go as a table.

pin re 6

Why are people so afraid of learning to sew? The money and time you are wasting would be better spent just learning how to sew a straight line! This beauty also uses hot glue, my favorite clothing construction method.

pin re 5

I would rather shop at resale shops than wear any of these items. Here is one where you need fabric, scissors and an oatmeal box, the rounded kind.

pin 3 re

I am begging you, buy clothes, borrow clothes, wear used clothes or learn how to sew. You will be so happy and you’ll have the time by simply ignoring Pinterest.

Is this only true for no sew items? Well, no I also saw these highly dubious pins. Just like everything else on the internet, use common sense and a healthy dose of skepticism.

pin re 7

Strawberries and sugar for bad breath? That’s funny! However, I would eat it but I wouldn’t click on the site.

pin re 112

Crepey skin will go away if you just click on this pin. I have had some bad surprises on some pages connected to pictures on Pinterest. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is!

I think there are great pins out there, especially if you want to keep an idea on your virtual bulletin board. Have fun, pin away!

Just ignore all those no sew pins, OKAY?

Sew happy

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