I love my Modern Quilters Guild

Currently I am active in only one local guild, The Naperville Modern Quilters guild. We are a very small group that meets eleven times a year. Our only rule is that there are no rules, which I pretty much adore. There are so many reasons why I love my Modern Quilters Guild but the no rules is probably the biggest one. Let me tell you other ways in which this guild is perfect for me.

We meet at Gentler Times, a store in Naperville. It is very generous of them to let us meet there. They even give us a discount on our meeting night and stay open longer for us.

Because of this largesse, we do not have to charge dues to pay rent. We are not a subguild of a larger guild, so we don’t pay for that either. However, I am a member at large of the Modern Quilt Guild as our many other members. But you don’t have to be!

No money and no rules means no charter, taxes or paperwork with the state. Everyone has more time to quilt. No money also means no special speakers which are truly a cool part of a larger guild.

We meet for two hours and have show and tell. Then we talk about an upcoming challenge or have a challenge reveal. Our members step up and show special tricks or skills they have to share.

Last week we were having a meeting just like this when a woman with an accompanying man came into the shop. It is unusual for this to happen and we were meeting right by the yarn. They were, of course, looking for yarn.

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I wasn’t really paying much attention except to notice that she was carefully made up and wearing very trendy clothes. Our members all take showers, don’t get me wrong, but make up and trendy clothes are not the norm. I usually change into clean clothes and am thrilled if I have remembered to comb my hair that day.

Finally the woman said, Hi, I am Marie Osmond. Someone replied “Hi Marie” and I seriously thought she was a new member. Then it hit me, this dressed up lady with the Prom makeup was THE Marie Osmond of the Donny & Marie fame.

She was very chill and asked for help for a young lady’s desire for a knitting project. Marie does many charity works and this was amongst them. We had knitters in the group who helped her quite a lot and she ended up with the perfect book, yarn and needles.

Before she left, we asked for a picture. She graciously agreed. She had her son in law take one on her phone as well, saying she would put it on social media. And she did! Check out her Facebook page. 

We continued on with our meeting, we were in the midst of Show and Tell. A clever friend of mine was showing a Christmas wreath and declared that it was very versatile. You could put a candle in the middle,love re 2 you could hang it on the wall or you could wear it as a collar.

Of course I decided to put it on. The guild laughed with me. Or did they laugh at me? Either way, we laughed.

Our meeting also included a fabulous demonstration of how to slash and insert a strip into a block. We all learned quite a bit. We are lucky our members are so willing to share their knowledge.

See why I love my Modern Quilters Guild? We have generous members with crazy mad skills, we get to see what everyone is making and celebrities drop in!

I can’t wait to see who shows up next month. Put the word out with your famous friends that we welcome them to attend a meeting.

Be sure to mention the no dues, that might tip things in our favor.

Sew happy!

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